Thursday, 22 October 2009

Manitoba Rules Out Proposed Development At Meditation Lake

Manitoba News Release

October 22, 2009

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Government Renews Commitment to Work with Tim Horton Children's Foundation To Build Camp for Underprivileged Youth: Struthers

Based on water testing results at Meditation Lake and feedback
from public consultations, the province and Tim Horton Children's
Foundation will now seek another location in Whiteshell
Provincial Park for a youth leadership camp. The decision was
announced today by Conservation Minister Stan Struthers and Tim
Horton Children's Foundation vice-president Dave Newnham.

"We will look at an alternate location in the Whiteshell to meet
the program and wilderness experience needs required by the youth leadership camp proposal while keeping in mind the needs of current and future park visitors," said Struthers. "The public review held in the spring on the Meditation Lake proposal provided many valuable suggestions that will be considered in the review of an alternative site."

Water testing at Meditation Lake over the past summer indicated
the natural variability in water quality does not meet the
criteria for the development of a major camp. The area at
Meditation Lake will continue to provide a walk-in camping
experience and access to the backcountry for the public and there
are no plans for development. Work identifying another site is
underway and will include public consultations through an
open-house format.

The goal of the Tim Horton camp is to help provide
underprivileged youth the opportunity to learn lifelong
leadership skills through activities and experience in wilderness
settings. The proposed facility would host youth aged 13 to 17 in
an innovative youth leadership summer program and could be
available year-round to Manitoba school children and
organizations that provide strong environmental programs.

"We appreciate the support of the provincial government in
working to find and evaluate alternative sites in the
Whiteshell," said Newnham. "We are confident another site will
be found that will respect the environmental sustainability needs
of the park, and provide a unique experience for children and
youth from economically disadvantaged homes."

The Tim Horton Children's Foundation is a non-profit, charitable
organization providing opportunities for children to develop into
positive, contributing members of their communities. It operates
six camps in Canada and the U.S., and has provided unique outdoor experiences to more than 120,000 economically disadvantaged children in the past 35 years at no cost to their families.

Open houses in Winnipeg and Whiteshell Provincial Park will be
announced later this fall to review a new proposal.

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