Thursday, 12 January 2012

So Stephen Thinks We're Radicals!

Dogwood Initiative
Hi Larry,
Holy smokes! Stephen Harper’s Conservatives entered 2012 with guns blazing, accusing “environmentalists and other radical groups” opposing the Northern Gateway pipeline of having a “radical ideological agenda” in an unprecedented open letter. That’s you and me they’re talking about, Larry.

Since day one of the No Tankers movement, our position has been that British Columbians should have a say in how their air, land and water is managed.  We don’t call that having a radical agenda, we call it democracy. Yet Harper and the oil industry seem increasingly threatened by reasonable citizens expressing reasonable concerns about our country and its resources. That’s why they’ve launched a coordinated American-style attack on opponents of Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline.

What can we do about it? We’ve been striking back in the media, but we’ve got to think bigger. We’re never going to have as much money as them, but what we can do is beat them with our size and our diversity.  The movement to stop oil tankers on the coast is growing, but Harper’s scare tactics prove that big is not good enough … we need to be huge.

Here’s where you come in. Northern Gateway will continue to be all over the news this week. Can you help us capture the national zeitgeist by talking about this issue with 5 people you know? Getting new signatures on our No Tankers petition is the number one way that we can grow our movement. Once people sign, they become a part of our network . And when a massive group of diverse people starts working together in a coordinated way, that’s when Harper and the oil industry start to sweat.

So, who should you talk to? Your friends and family are a good place to start, but you can think broader, too. What about business owners in your community? Talk to them in person, talk to them on Facebook, dust off your old telegraph and break out the morse code … we don’t care! Just let people know that the single most effective thing they can do right now is to sign our petition and join our movement.

We’ll have lots more strategic actions for you to take in the coming months, but right now, let’s just concentrate on getting huge.

For the coast,

Eric, Celine, Emma, Erika & Karl

P.S. If you’re a real keener, download our new Find Allies Action Kit. We estimate it’s about 30 hours work, and it’s a comprehensive way to make a big difference.

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