Saturday, 29 June 2019

The bio of Larry Powell, publisher of this blog.

Larry Powell, journalist, blogger, 
science writer, photographer, 
videographer, activist. 

I'm a veteran, award-winning journalist living in Shoal Lake, Manitoba. 
I specialize in stories about agriculture and the environment. For decades, 
I worked for broadcast outlets in western Canada, including five years as 
Senior Editor for CBC Radio News in Saskatchewan.

I am a member of the Science Writers and Communicators of Canada and 
the American Association for the Advancement of Science. I am authorized 
to receive embargoed material from the Science Media Centre of Canada, 
the World Health Organization and The Royal Society. For at least a decade, 
I've meticulously amassed a "cyber-library" of hundreds of contacts with 
credible organizations and online publications in the field of conservation, 
the earth sciences, agriculture, energy, oceans and wildlife. I am informed 
daily of the latest developments in their fields of expertise.

In 2014, I was a panelist at a world conference in Winnipeg - "Holding 
Power to Account - Investigative Journalism, Democracy and 
Human Rights."

In 1986, the Centre for Investigative Journalism chose my CBC Radio 
documentary about high cancer rates among workers at a uranium mine 
in northern Saskatchewan, as the best in the country that year.

Since retiring as a full-time employee in the late eighties, I've been able 
to devote more time as a freelancer, to deeply-researched articles on 
important issues of our time, such as climate change, industrial farming 
and endangered species.

In 2012, the Manitoba Community Newspapers Association awarded my 
story on vanishing pollinators, second prize in its environmental category.

I've reported in many media both before and after starting my freelance career, 
both broadcast and print. These include CBC TV's "The National," CBC Radio, 
both regionally and nationally along with numerous print publications, 
including farm papers and "alternative" magazines.

I own professional photo equipment and am often able to provide hi-rez pictures 
to illustrate my stories. 

I consider myself an "advocacy" journalist who puts indisputable facts, accuracy 
and science first. But I concentrate on stories that will expose injustice or 
wrongdoing that might otherwise remain in the shadows.

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