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Climate Change Will Hit Agriculture in Developing Countries - UN

CP - ONLINE EDITION - By: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - 30/09/2009 © QT Luong/ ROME - A U.N. agency warns that the climate change will badly affect agriculture and hit developing nations hardest, leading to...

Lions at Risk

Winnipeg Free Press - Se 30'09 In this photo taken last week, a male lion is seen in Masai Mara National Park in Kenya. Kenyan wildlife officials say the country's 2,000 lions are at grave risk because of recurrent drought and a pesticide that conservationists blame for 76 poisoning deaths of the predator since 2001. RICCARDO GANGALE THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

Feds' Biofuel Fund Backs Husky, Methes Plants

MB Co-Operator - 9/29/2009 A federal biofuels incentive fund has followed through on its contribution agreements to support one of the Prairies' major ethanol... Wheatfield. l.p. photo ====== Editor's note: Once again, you and I are shelling out our taxpayer dollars for the privilege of exacerbating world hunger, diverting ever-more food from human beings into machines! Way to go, Stephen! l.p.