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Feds' Biofuel Fund Backs Sask. Ethanol Maker

MB Co-Operator - N0.11'09 A federal biofuels incentive fund has followed through on... (This will be the largest "wheat-ethanol" plant in North America.) Please also read "Bursting the Ethanol Bubble." Wheatfield photo by l.p.

First Turbine Lowered Into Bay of Fundy

NOVA.SCOTIA (CBC) - Nov. 12'09 A turbine that will test the potential of tidal power was installed...

Shooting Itself in the Foot, Brazil Spreads Concrete Through the Rainforest

Stephanie Brault - Council on Hemispheric Affairs Depletion of the Amazon Rainforest is not a new concern... Deforested area for agricultural in State of Mato Grosso, Brazil. (flickr photo by leoffreitas)

Earth's Worst Climate Change Laggards. Guess Who?

USA Coal VS Canada Tar Sands? - America's dirty little secret Influence wielded by coal-producing states - 25 of them - is the big reason the U.S. is a climate-change laggard Jeffrey Sachs - Sachs is a professor of economics and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University. ======================================= TAR SANDS - Canada's Mordor - Council of Canadians “To me, the tar sands are Canada’s Mordor. The air is foul, the water is being drained and poisoned and giant tailings ponds line the Athabasca river” – Maude Barlow, Council of Canadians Chairperson and Senior Advisor on Water to the President of the UN General Assembly ======================================= Canada's Sorry Climate Change Policies - Sierra Club Canada

The US Blows Up its Clean Energy Future

By Nell Greenberg, AlterNet. Posted November 5, 2009. Coal River Mountain can be a wind farm that provides 85,000 households with electricity, creates 700 long-term green jobs but inside it is being... Mountaintop Removal site (Wikipedia)