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Groups Seeking Ban on Toxic Pesticide Go to US Federal Court

NEW YORK - July 22 - Outlawed in homes and gardens, pesticide is still sprayed on food crops Crop-duster photo by l.p. EDITOR'S NOTE: In case you think chlorpyrfos (Lorsban) is a problem only in the US, think again! It is used extensively on grain crops on the Canadian prairies and made a Swan Valley family very sick a few years ago. Read their story here. "Family Believes it was Poisoned by Crop Spray " l.p. Why no lawsuit here?

Glacial Melt and Ocean Warming Drive Sea Level Upward

John Mulrow and Alexander Ochs, with Shakuntala Makhijani - Worldwatch Institute - Jul 22, '10 The average sea level... Peter Hollinger photo