Sunday, 26 December 2010

'Dirty Oil' Anger Shocked Tories, Wikileaks Reveals

Allan Woods - Ottawa Bureau - - De 23'10

OTTAWA—Canada was “too slow” to respond...

Editor's comment - A day late and a dollar short, wouldn't you say, Jim? l.p.

City of Brandon, Manitoba, Pulls Plug on Biodiesel Processor

By: Allison Dowd - 26/12/2010 - Winnipeg Free Press
BRANDON -- The City of Brandon is saying goodbye to its biodiesel...
Editor's comment: Is this bad luck, or a lack of will? l.p.

Beyond Covid 19. Are we risking yet another pandemic if we continue to embrace "assembly-line" livestock production into the future?

by Larry Powell No one would argue that Covid 19 demands our undivided attention. Surely,  defeating this "beast" has to be &...