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Winnnipeg Free Press Gives Green Party Leader Top Marks in Political Leaders' Debate

Free Press Online - Sept 24 - '11 (Emphasis by PLT) James Beddome  - What he needed to do: When you’re largely an unknown, it’s good to make a good first impression. Most Winnipeggers are probably wondering what the Green Party of Manitoba stands for other than an obvious desire to protect the environment. James Beddome, Leader, Green  Party of Manitoba photo by PLT What he accomplished: Beddome played the perfect foil to the other three leaders and was the best performer of the night . He also got more one-liners in than the others — some were stinging. Plus, getting equal time with the three other party leaders on provincewide television was in itself a victory. Best sound bite: "The reason why our (hydro) rates are being driven up is because of new developments. I’ll point out to Mr. McFadyen it’s not just Bipole III," Beddome said to Selinger. "Gary Filmon was smart enough to say no to Conawapa because he knew it would drive up our energy rates. Are you?&