Thursday, 29 September 2011

Study Debunks Myths on Organic Farms

By Paul Hanley, Special to The StarPhoenix September 27, 2011
The results are in from a 30-year side-by-side trial of conventional and organic...Read more here.

Paying the Price: The Economic Impacts of Climate Change for Canada

National Round Table on Environment and Economy
Global emissions will have a price tag for Canada. Details here.
                                  The campground at Manipogo Provincial Park, still flooded after months of high water on Lk. Manitoba. PLT photo.  

"Pipe Dreams" - Why the Keystone XL Pipeline Will Be a Job Killer

Tara Lohan - Alternet Se 29-'11
Dirty energy can't hide under the false cover of jobs anymore. Details here.

Canadian Court Slams Trump Climate Advisor in Successful Libel Case

DESMOG CLEARING THE PR POLLUTION THAT CLOUDS CLIMATE SCIENCE Dr. Andrew Weaver, Nobel Prize-winning scientist & BC Green Party ...