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Trade Talks Set to Divide Farm Communities

Manitoba Co-Operator Some groups want a trade deal even if it means sacrificing supply management. Story here.

Most Glaciers in Mount Everest Area Will Disappear With Climate Change – Study

the guardian About 5,500 glaciers could disappear or drastically retreat by the end of the century with severe impacts on farming and hydropower, say scientists. Story here.

Winnipeg's Urban Forest a Monoculture at Risk of Being Wiped Out by Disease

CBCnews CBC analysis using city tree inventory data reveals never-before-seen picture of Dutch elm disease. Story here.

Forest Fires Rage Near Manitoba Towns, Burning Permits Cancelled

CBC News Fire crews battled blazes in dry, windy conditions near the towns of Cormorant and Sherridon in northwestern Manitoba, prompting the province to cancel burning permits and restrict campfires over large stretches of territory. Story here. Relalted:  Only “Heroic Efforts” Will Spare Earth’s Mighty Boreal Forest From the Worst Ravages of Climate Change - Experts.