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New Maps Show Vast Logging, Oil Palm and Plantation Concessions in Sarawak

WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE Sarawak, a Malaysian state on the richly forested island of Borneo suffers from high rates of deforestation .  But understanding this dynamic is made difficult by government secrecy and lack of transparency . More here.

The Tawdry Fall of the Postmedia Newspaper Empire

National Observer “'I’m not going to lose my job over a fart joke,'” Dan Murphy recalls Wayne Moriarty, editor-in-chief of  The Province newspaper, saying.  Story here.

The Cartoon That Got a Cartoonist Fired!


Nestlé Admits Slavery and Coercion Used in Catching its Seafood

CBC News Global audit by the food giant finds abuse of workers who catch seafood from Thailand. Story here.

What Alberta's New Climate Policy Really Means.

Cam Fenton - Friends, The government of Alberta made a pretty major announcement this week. They rolled out plans for a climate policy that includes a phase out of coal power, a price on carbon, and a cap on tar sands emissions. This announcement is huge. Some people are even calling it historic. But, like a lot of announcements related to climate change these days, it’s historic, it’s game changing -- and it’s neither of those things all at the same time.