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The Great Wildfire Debate Lights Up Editorial Pages in Manitoba Again (Letters)

It all started when I wrote the letter, immediately below right after the Manitoba election in April. It was published in the Neepawa Banner and Roblin Review. It prompted an angry response in "The Review" from Brian Burtnack, which appears right after that. Then, my own response to Mr. Burtnack.  I've numbered the letters 1,2,3 & 4, putting them in chronological order. Happy reading! Larry ========= -1- Is Manitoba's New Government Already Failing the Environment? (Editorial) Dear Editor, Well, another Manitoba election has come and gone. And we got the change we wanted.  Or did we? To me, it still seems like the goal of “evidence-based” policy-making, often promised by politicians of every stripe, remains as elusive as ever. Take climate change, for example.  Except for the cranks, the pseudo-scientists pimping for Big Oil, those living on the moon or the stupid, the science is now accepted. It’s settled. Our e