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'Payout Time': Exxon Seeks Waiver From U.S. Sanctions to Drill in Russia

Common Dreams "Exxon applied for waiver from sanctions on Russia. Among departments who must approve: State Department, run by company's ex-CEO" Story here.

Climate change causes glacial river in Yukon to change direction

cbcnews Glacier retreated so much that its meltwater switched course, in an event not documented in modern times. Story here. The Kaskawulsh glacier from which the river in question used to flow - in a different direction. 2014 Photo by  Gstest

Province of Manitoba, Canada amending big pile of manure regulations

Winnipeg Free Press The Pallister government plans to amend regulations governing the safe disposal of hog manure in Manitoba. It released a discussion paper Thursday, kicking off a 45-day public consultation period. Story here.