Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Allow the Light of Public Scrutiny to Shine on the Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada Oil Spill Disaster! PLEASE SIGN!

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A brave whistleblower released news that a Tar Sands spill in Alberta, Canada is "unstoppable," leaking into pristine lands around Cold Lake. The public must know about this!
Please sign the petition today!Allow the Media into Tar Sands Spill Sites
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Dear Larry,

The company behind a tar sands oil leak, Canadian Natural Resources, is trying to keep the spill out of the spotlight. They don't want attention because the truth is that Tar Sands oil is the dirtiest fuel on the planet, and that rural Alberta is becoming an environmental wasteland. That's why reporters, locals and environmentalists aren't being allowed into the spill regions to access the damage.

The Tar Sands spill is leaking into lands around Cold Lake, devastating thousands of forestland, killing animals, plants and encroaching on indigenous lands. The public should know about the damage this spill is causing!

Another reason Canadian Natural Resources wants this leak hidden from the public is that it might destroy hope for the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. That pipeline's still under construction and it will dramatically increase the extent of tar sands production and exports.

The public should know what's happening around the Tar Sands, and this disastrous event should be taken into account regarding the Keystone XL pipeline plans. Sign the petition to allow the media and environmentalists into the Tar Sands spill site and urge Canadian Natural Resources to come clean about the extent of the spill! 
Thank you for taking action,

Kayla C. c
Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team

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