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Of Robins and False Springs. (Video)

More proof. A walk-in-the-park really can boost our feelings of well-being - especially when there are wild birds to sing to us along the way! Researchers.

Massacre on Cyprus. Researchers call for a crack down on poachers who lure millions of birds to their deaths on the Mediterranean island with recordings of their own songs.

Popular insecticides harm birds in the United States

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Even familiar birds at risk of extinction, new study finds

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Audubon's Birds & Climate Change Report

Big Farm Groups Adopt the "Ostrich Approach" to Major Environmental Issues.

New Studies Show Farm Chemicals Are Affecting More Than Bees. Bird Populations are Declining, Too.

Gas Flare in Atlantic Canada Draws Thousands of Birds to Their Deaths, and Ignites Questions

Help Coming for the Greater sage-grouse

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