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Location! Location! Location! "Rewilding" less than a third of the world's damaged ecosystems in the right places, could go a long way toward curbing both species extinctions and atmospheric carbon!

Nature The Great Egret in a wetland in southwestern Manitoba, Canada.  Canadian populations are said to be declining. For decades, the egrets have had to contend with major habitat loss and degradation, as well as threats like contaminated runoff from farm fields. A  PinP  photo. Restoring 30% of the world’s ecosystems in priority areas could stave off more than 70% of projected extinctions and absorb nearly half of the carbon buildup in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution. As the world focuses on dual crises of climate change and biodiversity loss, a landmark report in Nature pinpoints the ecosystems that, if restored, give us the biggest "bang for our buck" in terms of both climate and biodiversity benefits. Despite being shown to be beneficial, shelterbelts are being systematically  destroyed  by  modern farmers.  A PinP video. Returning specific ecosystems in all continents worldwide that have been replaced by farming to their natural state would rescue the maj

Meet the Canadian farmers fighting climate change

The Narwhal Conservation and agriculture have often been at odds. But as Ottawa develops the first federal carbon offset standard, farming techniques that reduce greenhouse gas emissions are having a moment.  Story here. RELATED: Here's another farmer who fits the category described, above. Zack Koscielny is a fifth generation farmer located near Strathclair, Manitoba implementing regenerative agriculture practices on his farm. He has a degree in Agroecology and is a graduate of the Soil Health Academy.

Rachel Notley Assassination Chatter 'Needs to Stop,' Wildrose Leader Says

CBC News 'I have a zero tolerance policy for such comments,' Brian Jean says after death threats appear online. More here.

Africa's Hunger Games - the Solution is in the Soil

By: Laura Rance Some African farmers are turning the tables on starvation by no longer turning the soil. Story here.

Harper Government Destroys Farmer Control Over Seed

National Farmers Union Organic hemp. Is it next?  Larry Powell PinP photo. The National Farmers Union (NFU) is sounding the alarm with the passing of Bill C-18, the Agriculture Growth Act omnibus bill yesterday in the House of Commons. “Farmers must now contend with UPOV ’91. UPOV ’91 is one of the most farmer-unfriendly mechanisms we have ever seen,” exclaimed Jan Slomp, NFU President. Story here.

Rising Temperatures, Rising Food Prices

by Lester Brown A wheatfield in Manitoba, Canada. PLT photo Agriculture as it exists today developed over 11,000 years of rather remarkable climate  stability.  It has evolved to maximize production within that climate system. Now,  suddenly, the climate  is changing.  Details here.