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The Fate of the Canadian Rockies May Rest on This Decision

The Tyee                                 Bighorn country, eastern slopes, AB. Photo by Aerin Jacob Approving the Grassy Mountain Coal Project will surely spell nothing less than the industrialization of Alberta’s sensitive eastern slopes.  Story here.

As South Africa clings to coal, a struggle for the right to breathe

YaleEnvironmnt360 A small coal Mine, Highveld, South Africa.  A Sierra Club photo. Close ties between the ruling elite and the coal industry have helped perpetuate South Africa’s dependence on the dirtiest fossil fuel for electricity. But now residents of the nation’s most coal-intensive region are suing to force the government to clean up choking air pollution. Story here.

Canada, U.S. governments watching, but not intervening, in coal mine pollution controversy

The Narwhal U.S. officials accused Canada of omitting information on selenium pollution flowing from B.C.’s Elk Valley into Montana waters. Story here.

How TransAlta used a university-sanctioned research project to lobby for the coal industry

CBC news Energy giant TransAlta paid the University of Alberta $54,000 to hand-pick one of its researchers to produce a study and other materials it used to lobby the provincial government to try to protect the coal industry, documents obtained by CBC News reveal. Story here.

Canadian coal industry "whistling past the graveyard" says Greenpeace

NATIONAL OBSERVER The Canadian coal industry doesn't deserve to have a bad rap, says Coal Association of Canada   (CAC) president Robin Campbell. Story here.

Open Pit Coal Mine Planned For Britain's Northumberland Coast

TheGuardian Plans to open a new mine have been criticised by local residents and NGOs for contradicting government commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and phase out coal. Story here. An open pit coal mine in New Zealand. Photo credit -  Kai Point Coal Mine