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The May 2012 Insurrection

Adbusters , 26 Apr 2012 Hey you dreamers, strikers and new left redeemers out there, for thirty-one magical days beginning this Tuesday, May 1, we take the plunge and strike! Details here. Occupy Winnipeg Oct.  2011 PLT photo

Top 1% in the US Enjoyed 93% of Economic Recovery in 2010: Report

March 6, 2012 by Common Dreams In the wake of the financial crisis of 2008 and the recession that followed, huge numbers of US workers lost their jobs, homes were lost to foreclosure, and most found themselves in the most precarious economic shape of their lives. Full story here. Occupy Winnipeg. PLT photo

The Cancer in Occupy

By Chris Hedges  Truthdig Feb 6 - '12 The Black Bloc anarchists, who have been active on the streets in Oakland and other cities, are the cancer of the Occupy movement. Details here.

Many Support Occupy Movement, Global Poll Finds

Melissa Martin Wpg. Free Press 01/21/2012 "Occupy Winnipeg" in Oct. PLT photo   Results from a new global poll suggest if the Occupy Winnipeg camp is indeed reborn in the spring, many Manitobans might be sharing some goodwill. Details here. Please also watch my video here.  Larry.

Canadian CEOs vs. the 99%: No Contest When it Comes to Pay

Jan 3'12 - Cdn. Centre for Policy Alternatives TORONTO—The highest paid 100 CEOs on Canada’s TSX Index had reason to cheer the New Year: By noon January 3, they had already pocketed $44,366 – what it takes the average wage earner an entire year to make. Details here. Please also read: "The People's Corporation Loses the Common Touch"    and "Of Banksters, Occupiers and Head-Knockers."

Greg Selinger Strikes a Blow for Fire Safety - Shuts Down "Occupy Winnipeg!"

If you like this blog, please consider a donation. Thanks! Larry PLT: Congratulations, Mr. Premier, I feel much safer now that you have evicted the three remaining protestors from the camp in Memorial Park. It was, after all, a firestorm waiting to happen - perhaps enveloping your place of business - the provincial legislature - if not much of the capitol, itself! (Sarcasm intended.) Might we now expect provincial authorities to move in on owners of million dollar homes and evict them under cover of darkness, if they do not have firewalls installed between their houses and attached garages?   Of course not. That would be ridiculous!  But is it any less ridiculous to bring down the heavy hand of government on the Occupiers and no one else? The inference here seems to be that any fire where there are a few tents - (perhaps $89 specials from Canadian Tire?) would represent a much larger hazard to public safety than the massive fire which recently destroyed the huge home in Li

Broadcaster Bill Moyers "Nailed" the Motivation Behind the Occupy Movement - Even Before it Began! (Video)


Of Banksters, Occupiers and Head-Knockers

What to do with the Occupy camps. How about - let them be!  by Larry Powell A peaceful camp It's hardly surprising.  The mood of Canada's elites is becoming increasingly ugly as the "Occupy" movement continues to "hang in there" for a lot longer than they likely expected.  It is, after all, what elites do. They simply cannot tolerate those who challenge the very system that keeps them in power. Cops are already being ordered to start knocking some heads in some Canadian cities, as well as south of the border. Neither is it surprising that some news media are misrepresenting what the movement is all about.  A recent editorial in the Dauphin Herald, for example, dismissed the protesters as "whiners," whose support is dwindling. (In fact, the movement has persisted and spread to many parts of the world.) The editorial also proclaimed, "It was the squandering of tax dollars (by governments) which originally created the m

Next Steps for the Occupy Movement

By Shamus Cooke Global Research, Oc 17, 2011 As the Occupy Movement gains strength nationally and internationally, questions of "what next" are popping up. Details here. "Occupy Winnipeg" Manitoba legislature Oct. 15th - '11 PLT photo