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U.N. blueprint on climate emergencies reminds us of man's legacy of deadly pollution and destruction of wildlife.

Humanity is waging war on nature, says UN secretary general

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Massive Canadian mines pose transboundary risks

Manitoba's Decker Hutterite Colony says, several dead hogs spotted recently on a public roadway, nearby, died of natural causes.

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Peace River Frack-Up

Grassland biodiversity is blowing in the wind

The day of the salamander. How a big highway project in southwestern Manitoba is having to "make way" for a little amphibian, or face legal consequences. Larry Powell prepared this video report.

The more we carve up natural landscapes with roads and fields, the closer we’re pushing large predators like lions and wolves, toward extinction. by Larry Powell

"Artifishal." The fight to save wild salmon. (Video)

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Plant Species Have Been Disappearing 500 Times Faster Than Normal, Thanks to Humans

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