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Myanmar Bans Lucrative Logging in Bid to Preserve Forests

Reuters Myanmar has banned lucrative logging operations as the newly-elected government of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi steps up a battle on deforestation, an environment official said on Thursday. More here.

Fighting Climate Change Will Create Jobs, But Only if We Want It To

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives We can now add political party conventions to the list of potential disasters caused by climate change. Story here.

Earthquakes Caused by Fracking Way More Common Than Thought

RELATED: " Is the "Dubious Duo" of Fracking & Earthquakes More Common in Canada Than we Know? PinP Wonders..."

New Uncovered Corporate Documents Show #ExxonKnew Much Earlier Than Previously

EcoWatch Throughout Exxon ’s global operations, the company knew that CO2 was a harmful pollutant in the atmosphere years earlier than previously reported. Story here.

EarthWatch - News of What's Happening ON And TO Planet Earth


Dear Future Generations - Sorry! (Video)


Manitoba Hog Barn Building Expected to Gain Momentum

THE WESTERN PRODUCER Applications are expected to increase with lifting of moratorium. Story here.

Bee Victory in Europe - Let's Party!

RIVER ON FIRE! Gas Explodes From an Australian River Near a Fracking Site.


Climate Change Has All But Destroyed Great Barrier Reef, Study Confirms

CommonDreams More than 90 percent of world's largest living ecosystem has been hit by "severe" coral bleaching. More here.

Peruvian Government’s Response to Amazon Oil Spills: Promise High, Deliver Low

Amazon Watch Across Peru, headlines have been dominated by the presidential elections. Deep in the Amazon, however, the ongoing trauma caused by oil pipeline spills seeps on. Almost three months following a 2,000-barrel spill in Chiriaco followed by another just days later near Mayuriaga, indigenous communities continue to confront the daily reality of poisoned water, fish and crops. More here.

Glyphosate Found in Popular Breakfast Foods in US

EcoWatch Today, the Alliance for Natural Health-USA released the results of food safety testing conducted on an assortment of popular breakfast foods. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) testing revealed the presence of glyphosate —the most widely used agricultural herbicide—in 11 of the 24 food samples tested. More here.

Wildfires Near Fort St. John, Prince George Prompt Evacuations

CBC News  Climate change means wildfires that are larger, start earlier and last longer. Above - NWT, Canada ’04. USDA Forest Service. Residents from communities across northern B.C. have been forced to flee their homes. More here.

Greenland’s Ice Sheet Is Melting So Fast Right Now, Scientists Thought It Was an Error

Slatest - your news companion. The margin of the Greenland ice sheets.  Hannes Grobe , Alfred Wegener Institute  for Polar and Marine Research. 1992. On Monday, Greenland began to melt. Parts of Greenland melt every year and the whole thing freezes again each winter, but lately, thanks to global warming, the melting has come earlier and then peaked in the summer at higher levels than usual. Story here.

Mekong: A River Rising

the guardian The  Ya Ly Dam, one of the largest in Viet Nam, on a major tributary of the Mekong. A  Wikimedia  Commons photo.   The fate of 70 million people rests on what happens to the Mekong river. With world leaders meeting in Paris next week for crucial UN climate talks,  John Vidal journeys down south-east Asia’s vast waterway - a place that encapsulates some of the dilemmas they must solve. He meets people struggling to deal with the impacts of climate change as well as the ecological havoc created by giant dams, deforestation, coastal erosion and fast-growing cities. Story here.

Greens Want a Manitoba Wildlife Area Protected

White-tailed deer in western Manitoba. PinP photo. Winnipeg, April 14, 2016: “The Green Party urges the next government of Manitoba to uphold the law and protect the Whitemud Watershed Wildlife Management Area from the proposed Energy East pipeline,”  said David Nickarz, Green Party of Manitoba critic for Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship.

Wildfires, Once Confined to a Season, Burn Earlier and Longer

New York Times The first Alaska wildfire of 2016 broke out in late February, followed by a second there just eight days later. Story here.

Two-Thirds of Europeans Support Ban on Glyphosate, Says Poll

the guardian PinP photo. Concerns remain chemical widely used in agriculture as a herbicide can kill all plants, algae, bacteria and fungi in a crop’s vicinity, affecting biodiversity. Story here. RELATED:   "Field of Nightmares - Ottawa continues to embrace the widespread use of Roundup on Canadian farms by letting corporate seduction trump scientific evidence."

The Great God of Growth - Is He Always Right? (Letter)

Dear Editor, I still find political attitudes towards growth puzzling, to say the least. What kind of growth, you ask? Economic growth? Population growth? Well, it doesn’t really matter. Our politicians want it, in great dollops, as if it was the key to the Kingdom.

Ontario Government Scraps Proposal to Increase Hunting of Wolves and Coyote

Humane Society International Canada PinP photo Animal protection and conservation groups encourage responsible approach to wildlife management. More here.

Keystone Pipeline Mishap Has TransCanada Scrambling Again

the Desmog Blog On Saturday afternoon, the worst fear of a landowner in South Dakota was realized. Loern Schulz found oil in surface water near the Keystone pipeline’s right-of-way and reported the spill.  Story here.

World Health Day: Rapidly Rising Diabetes Closely Linked to Poverty

INTER PRESS SERVICE Diabetes, which now affects more than 400 million people worldwide, is closely linked to poverty in most regions of the world, World Health Organization Medical Officer Alessandro Demaio told IPS Thursday. Story here.

Newfoundland Cod Achieves Sustainability Milestone

World Wildlife Fund A Newfoundland cod fishery has for the first time  been certified  sustainable, a significant achievement  that demonstrates how a  science-based approach to  managing fish populations and  fisheries delivers  conservation success. Story here.

White House: Climate Change Poses Urgent Health Risk

Climate Central PinP photo. Climate change is a major threat to human health, with extreme heat likely to kill 27,000 Americans annually by 2100, according to a report released Monday by the White House. Story here.

North America's Key Birds Facing Extinction, Study Finds

the guardian   Northern Oriole.  PinP  photo. 314 species, including the bald eagle and 10 state birds of US at risk from climate change.  Story here.

Polar Bears Losing Weight As Arctic Sea Ice Melts, Canadian Study Finds

the guardian Between 1984 and 2009 the weight of female bears in Ontario fell by over 10% while climate change meant they had 30 fewer days a year to hunt seal on ice. More here.

BC Hydro's Bizarre, Multi-Million Dollar Boondoggle to Save Fish from Site C Dam

DESMOG CANADA In a scenario that sounds like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, bull trout and other fish will travel in trucks past the Site C dam for 100 years as part of BC Hydro’s strategy to save the threatened fish species from disappearing from the Peace River. Story here.

Another Horror Story About An Evil Multinational Corporation Which Cares About Nothing But Profit. (Video)


Fracking Study Finds Toxins In Wyoming Town's Groundwater and Raises Broader Concerns

Inside climate news Study also finds companies fracked into underground sources of water and at much shallower depths than previously known, close to drinking water wells. More here.

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Warns Canada Against TPP

CBC - The House The warning from Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz leaves no doubt about his assessment of the Trans Pacific Partnership. More here. RELATED: "Free Trade - Pathway to Prosperity? Or Back Road to Corporatism?" 

No Seismic Blasting In Canadian Arctic This Year!

Greenpeace Canada Seismic cannons will not blast through the waters of Baffin Bay and Davis Strait this year, giving Nunavut communities and marine life another summer of relief from the threats of dangerous oil exploration.  More here.

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