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Scientists Find Oil Rig Noise Pollution Affects Birds

U.N. blueprint on climate emergencies reminds us of man's legacy of deadly pollution and destruction of wildlife.

Tough Times for Animal Travellers

Snarl for the camera! An international team of scientists and software developers use facial recognition technology to identify individual grizzlies in the wild.

Animal behaviour: Leading the young: older male elephants prove they are "up to the tusk!"

New research suggests, zoos and aquariums in Canada do little to protect endangered creatures in the wild.

The hand of man shows through once again in a major weather catastrophe.

Canada’s reindeer ‘at risk of extinction’

Brazil’s Atlantic forest: putting the pieces back together

The more we carve up natural landscapes with roads and fields, the closer we’re pushing large predators like lions and wolves, toward extinction. by Larry Powell

The Trump Administration Has Thrown Out Protections for Migratory Birds

The Insect Apocalypse Is Coming: Here are Five Lessons we Must Learn

A Professor at the University of Saskatchewan (Canada) is calling for the killing of Canada's entire population of wild pigs - by Larry Powell

Mexico’s monarch population booms

Canadian scientists discover Neonics are being ingested by free-ranging animals

The terrifying phenomenon that is pushing species towards extinction

Europe's key animals 'making a comeback'

Humans take up too much space -- and it's affecting how mammals move

Warming ocean water is turning 99 percent of these sea turtles female

"Just like eating yogurt" - scientists hope to end epidemic in bats