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Unraveling the Chemicals-Cancer Link Could Help Dethrone the Emperor of All Maladies

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Warming Oceans Cause Largest Movement of Marine Species in Two Million Years

Sea Levels Rising At Fastest Rate In 2,100 Years: Study

Churchill Mayor Pleads for Canadian Wheat Board

Canada’s Common Songbird Populations Plummet - 
Report Reveals Boreal Birds Particularly Hard Hit

'Shocking' Report Warns Of Mass Extinction From Current Rate Of Marine Distress

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? High-Mountain Wildflower Season Reduced, Affecting Pollinators Like Bees, Hummingbirds

Greenpeace Leader Boards an Arctic Drilling Rig - & Pays a Price! (Video)

Natural Gas Is No Climate Change 'Panacea', Warns International Energy Agency

WATCH: Dangers of Natural Gas Extraction (Video)

Manitoba Search Crews Enter Flood Zone

Food Prices Not Likely to Decline for Some Time, says UN Report

Manitoba Permanently Designates Largest Area Of Protected Land In More Than a Decade

Climate Change is the Symptom, Not the Cause

Water Woes Pose Dire Prospects for Prairie Crops

Why Supermarket Tomatoes Suck

Innu, Nalcor Disagree on Impact of Labrador Hydro Dams

Canadian Inspectors Can’t Stop Dangerous Food Imports

On Environment Week, Government of Canada Missing in Action - Green Party of Canada

A Link Between Climate Change and Joplin Tornadoes? Never.

Manitoba Studies Strategy to Help Flooded Farmland, Address Climate Change

Politics Making Ag Sector Scapegoat for Lake's Woes

Port in Winnipeg Could be Model for Port at Churchill

AAFC Dials Back Estimated Crop Area Due to Flooding

A British Perspective on "Our" Tar Sands! (Video)

You Want Superbugs With That?

Feds to Consider Flood Infrastructure Program

Canadian Environment Week

Report: Large Swaths of Tropical Forests Have Been Set Aside, but Little Managed Sustainably

Australia Climate Commission says Warming Earth is ‘Beyond Doubt’

Natural Disasters Displaced 42 Million People World-Wide in 2010

Glued to the Weather Channel While the World Burns

Oil Company's Lawsuit Against Greenpeace Backfires

Lake Manitoba to Set Record High: Province

Nitrogen Debate Wastes Time, Money

Author Calls "Climate Cranks" to Task! (Video)

Canada Tries to Hide Alberta Tar Sands Carbon Emissions

Drought Strikes France

Is Three Gorges Dam Making China's Worst Drought in Decades Worse?

Much More Policy Support and Investment Is Needed in Sustainable Smallholder Farming - & Quickly! - UN

Start Fighting the Next Flood Now

Hundreds Ordered to Evacuate as Homes, Cottages Threatened