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Alberta' Premier tells more lies about our climate calamity.

  Here's a dandy quote from the most faithful political puppet the Alberta tar sands mega-corps could have hoped for in their wettest dreams (who also side-hustles as Premier), Danielle Smith; "I cannot build an electricity grid off wind & solar. When the sun goes down at 5 o’clock I can’t just tell people to just suck it up until the sun comes back up at 9 am the next morning." PSST! NEWS FLASH, DANNY! Wind turbines don't shut down at 5! They run on wind, not sun! And, oh by the way, guess you didn't know solar panels power storage batteries which can then be called upon when the sun ain't out! And as Premier, you must have known, one of your own natural gas generators was out of service, another operating at reduced capacity during your brutal cold snap in January. Whatcha gonna do when they come for you, bad girl, bad girl?????? <W ildfires, droughts, heat domes, polar vortexes and atmospheric rivers, that is!>

I’m an expat US scientist – and I’m returning to Trump’s America to stand up for science

The Conversation Donald Trump’s presidency has not been good for science or scientists. Since Trump took office 15 months ago, his administration has  proposed   to terminate many federally funded research programs and slash funding for others. Trump’s appointees are working to  roll back environmental regulations  and conservation policies. More here.

Donald Trump, climate saviour?

THE NATIONAL OBSERVER Donald Trump tried to pull the rug from under climate action by pulling out of the Paris  accord.  But it looks more and more like Trump’s move may have the opposite effect,  giving the global  climate movement what it most lacked — a clear enemy. Story here.

Paris climate deal thrown into uncertainty by US election result

theguardian Many fear Donald Trump will reverse the ambitious course set by Barack Obama, withdraw the US from the accord and increase fossil-fuel spending.  Story here.

BP Platform Leaks Oil Into North Sea With No Plans to Clean It Up

EcoWatch About 95 metric tons of oil leaked into the North Sea on Sunday from BP 's Clair platform, and it will be left in the ocean. BP says the oil is moving away from land and dispersing naturally, but the spill is a reminder that accidents happen as more oil development is eyed for the Arctic. Story here. The Clair platform. BP photo.

Dakota Access Construction Will Continue, Pipeline Corp CEO Vows

CommonDreams As corporate head promises to go ahead with controversial pipeline project, nonviolent water protectors halt construction at one North Dakota site. Story here.

The Arsonists of Fort McMurray Have a Name - Editorial

theguardian - Martin Lukacs Fossil fuel corporations are causing the climate change fuelling mega-fires – and they should be footing the bill for the devastation. Editorial here.

'Unlawful Pollution': Volkswagen Charged With Crimes Against Climate

Common Dreams U.S. Department of Justice files civil suit on behalf of Environmental Protection Agency.   More here.

Exxon Sowed Doubt About Climate Science for Decades by Stressing Uncertainty

inside climate news Collaborating with the Bush-Cheney White House, Exxon turned ordinary scientific uncertainties into weapons of mass confusion. Story here.

Ahead of Australia Visit, Naomi Klein Brands PM Abbott a 'Climate Villain'

Common Dreams. Countering the idea that she peddles 'dangerous ideas,' the author and activist replied: 'Are they? I think they are safe...I think Tony Abbott has the real dangerous ideas. Story here.

These Two World Leaders Are Laughing While the Planet Burns Up

New Republic Meet earth's worst climate villains; Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Story here.

Canada PM to Miss UN Climate Summit

The Hill Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper won't be attending the United Nations climate summit in New York this month. Story here.

Secrets of the Rich

Billionaires are hiding behind a network of “independent” groups, who manipulate politics on their behalf. By George Monbiot... the Guardian  Conspiracies against the public don’t get much uglier than this. As the Guardian revealed last week, two secretive organisations working for US billionaires have spent $118m to ensure that no action is taken to prevent manmade climate change( 1 ). While inflicting untold suffering on the world’s people, their funders have used these opaque structures to ensure that their identities are never exposed. The two organisations – the Donors’ Trust and the Donors’ Capital Fund – were set up as political funding channels for people handing over $1m or more. They have financed 102 organisations which either dismiss climate science or downplay the need to take action. The large number of recipients creates the impression that there are many independent voices challenging climate science. These groups, working through the media, mobilising gu

The 20 Worst Wall Street Banks Funding Our Filthiest Polluters

Dec 13, 2011 Alternet A new study identifies the top 20 "climate killer" banks by the amount of financial support they give the coal industry. Details here. PLT: Please also read, "How Ethical are Canada's Ethical Funds?"

Talisman Energy Donated Big Money to a University of Calgary Climate Skeptic Fund

By Mike De Souza, Postmedia News Sept 13, 2011 OTTAWA — A major Alberta-based oil and gas company helped to kick-start an elaborate public relations project designed to cast doubt on scientific evidence linking human activity to global warming... .Details here. PLT; Below is an email I sent to Barry Cooper, an individual mentioned in the story, followed by his angry response & my own rebuttle.  === Dear Dr. Cooper, How could an institute of higher learning, devoted to truth and justice, have become involved in such a scheme? I'd very much like to hear back from you, so I can report your response on my blog. Thank you Larry Powell === Hi Larry, Who are you? Does your reference to truth and justice mean you are you an ironist? Do you know nothing at all about universities? Have you never heard of the so-called Climategate scandal? Do you know anything about the reporter who provided the story? Or are you just another boring  greenie religious fanatic? You