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- - - Serious Environmental Concerns Outweigh Uncertain  Economic Benefit: Kinew The Manitoba government has decided to not issue an environmental licence for the Vivian sand extraction project in the Rural Municipality of Springfield, Premier Wab Kinew and Environment and Climate Change Minister Tracy Schmidt announced today. “Our government will always put the health and safety of Manitobans first, and this includes ensuring communities have safe, clean drinking water,” said Kinew. “After taking the time and doing our due diligence, our government has come to the decision that the risks of this proposal outweigh any potential benefits.” The decision made by Schmidt was based on the information and data provided by experts including the report done by the Clean Environment Commission (CEC) as well as consultation with impacted communities and First Nations, noted Kinew. The CEC report identified a number of serious environmental concerns about this project, which would have extracted

When corporate interests trump the human right to clean drinking water - a case of concern in Manitoba, Canada.

by Don Sullivan - Canadian Dimension  Don Sullivan (above) is the spokesperson for What The Frack Manitoba, the former director of the Boreal Forest Network and special adviser to the government of Manitoba on the Pimachiowin Aki UNESCO World Heritage site. He's a research affiliate with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and a Queen Golden Jubilee medal recipient. Two corporations, both Alberta-based, are in the midst of seeking Government of Manitoba approval to build and operate silica sand mines and processing facilities that would extract and process some 2.6 million tonnes of silica sand per year.  Story here. RELATED: "Is Manitoba's Brokenhead River about to become a dumping ground for an Alberta-based sand-mining company?"

Is Manitoba's Brokenhead River about to become a dumping ground for an Alberta-based sand-mining company?

by Don Sullivan Kayakers on the Brokenhead River. A Wikimedia photo. The Brokenhead River begins in the wetlands of Sandilands Provincial Forest, located in Southeastern Manitoba. It ultimately drains 200 kilometres later into Lake Winnipeg. Most of the river is navigable by canoe or kayak. This meandering river is now under threat. It might very well become a toxic dumping ground for CanWhite Sands Corp (CWS) of Alberta. Last month, CWS  filed a proposal under Manitoba's Environment Act, for approval to construct a silica sand processing facility near Vivian in Southeastern Manitoba. The closing date for commenting on this proposal is August 25th, 2020.  If you have concerns, you have between now and then to express them, here.  Once the processing facility receives government approval, CWS intends to submit a second application. This would be for both the mine, where the sand will be obtained and for the methods the company will use to extract it. The splitting of a

Green Party of Manitoba opposes "frack" sand operation

Green Party of Manitoba. A Green Party of Manitoba Environment Advocate Dave Nickarz has sent a letter to Minister squire in opposition to the proposed Wanipigow Sand Extraction Project. For a copy of that letter, click here. RELATED: " Peace camp set up in Manitoba's Hollow Water First Nation to oppose sand mine project."

Consultation or Coercion – You Tell Me

Is a controversial “frac sand mine”about to go ahead on the east side of Manitoba's Lake Winnipeg without proper consent? by Don Sullivan Whenever there is an activity or development, such as the frac sand mine and processing facility being proposed adjacent to Hollow Water First Nation (“HWFN”), that may have an impact on Treaty Rights, the Crown not only has a duty but a legal obligation to consult with the affected First Nation community. Story here. Don Sullivan has worked on, and written about issues affecting the East Side of Lake Winnipeg for almost 27 years. The sand mine referred to here would supply fracking operations with a product needed for them to thrive and survive. Is this what the world needs? Please also read: The Natural Gas Industry has a Leak Problem. Please also read:  The World is Running Out of Sand  - the Smithsonian. Man's demands on Earth's resources are nothing new. This painting depicts sand miners in Poland - circa