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Spraying herbicides from helicopters? Concerns mount over plans for southern B.C. forests

Bees are dying from toxic chemicals and the feds won't save them.

Health Canada approves another product known to be deadly to beneficial organisms.

A third of global farmland at 'high' pesticide pollution risk

Residues of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides (known as "Plant Protection Products," or PPPs), being found in pollen and nectar, are "a significant stressor" for bees and other pollinators.

Popular insecticides harm birds in the United States

Agrochemicals speed the spread of deadly parasites

Toxic Tides

How Has This Pesticide Not Been Banned? Opinion.

Thirteen years after the pesticide Lorsban sickened a Manitoba family, Health Canada is proposing it be severely restricted in Canada. The European Union will ban it in the new year. by Larry Powell

'Landmark New Research' Links Neonics With Collapse of Fisheries

Environmentally-Caused Disease Crisis? Pesticide Damage to DNA Found 'Programmed' Into Future Generations

Wild ground-nesting bees might be exposed to lethal levels of neonics in soil.

Rachel was right

Recent research contradicts a claim by the chemical giant, Bayer, that its newest bug-killer is safe for bees.

Remote lakes in New Brunswick, Canada, remain dangerously polluted, half-a-century after being drenched with the insecticide, DDT, says study.