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11,000 air pollution-related deaths avoided in Europe as coal, oil consumption plummet

Meteorologists say 2020 on course to be hottest year since records began

WARNING: LANGUAGE IN THIS VIDEO MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME. Bill Mahr reminds us how our contempt for nature and the way we produce food is biting us back.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney tours Fort MacMurray, site of major spring flooding - fails to see his own handiwork amid the damage. (Opinion)

Beyond Covid 19 - Defeating the virus is just the beginning!

Some Canadian hog producers are euthanizing their own pigs because Covid-19 has rendered them almost worthless. Is it happening in Manitoba, too?

End park mining in Manitoba. (Video)

Whether famous or obscure, Earth's wild creatures cannot hide from the hand of man.

Torrential rains triggered the disastrous volcanic eruptions in Hawaii two years ago; Study.

Defending climate in the age of Covid 19.

What does conservation have to do with Covid-19?

Bushfires damaged Australian rainforest that is home to Earth's only living specimens of ancient species

Catastrophic changes Planet Earth is undergoing today likely mirror many of those which happened hundreds of millions of years ago. The big difference? Volcanoes - not humans - were likely the main drivers of the changes back then.

Urgent changes needed to reduce environmental costs of ‘fast fashion’

COVID-19: only about 6% of actual infections have likely been detected worldwide

Bush-fire smoke linked to hundreds of deaths