Tuesday, 13 August 2013

ForestEthics Advocacy Stands up For The Environment - But it Needs Your Help & Money!

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Dear Larry,

Democracy and the environment are the cornerstones of a prosperous future. But our federal government doesn’t see it that way. How many of us have watched, astonished and sick at heart, as Prime Minister Harper’s cabinet gutted our environmental laws, muzzled our scientists, and violated our free speech rights?

Moments ago, ForestEthics Advocacy (FEA), represented by my friend Clay Ruby, launched a lawsuit in the Federal Court of Canada against the Harper Government. Clay believes the Harper government overstepped its authority when it established rules that dictate who can speak at National Energy Board (NEB) hearings AND what exactly they can say.

Your partnership and support in getting us this far has been incredible.
 It takes courage to stand up to a powerful adversary.  Now we must all step up again.  The start-up fees for this lawsuit will cost $150,000. ForestEthics Advocacy is currently raising funds to cover these expenses and two generous donors have offered to help by throwing out a $25,000 challenge match.
Will you support Clay and ForestEthics Advocacy in this incredible act?

For every dollar you give, they will match it, up to $25,000 for a total of $50,000. But there’s one small catch. The money must be raised in the next 72 hours.

Please dig deep and make a stretch gift in honour of this precedent-setting lawsuit:  $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more. Regardless of the size, your donation sends Clay and his team a clear signal that you value this bold move to protect the rivers and forests, lakes and landscapes that all Canadians cherish.

We know the government will use everything they can to undermine this case. This is why your financial support is so important. ForestEthics Advocacy and Clay will be asking the Court to:
  1. Strike down the statute that makes it almost impossible for citizens to participate in the NEB review process.
  2. Lift the restrictions on what people can say about tar sands projects.
  3. Prevent the NEB from concluding the Enbridge Line 9B hearing process until this case is resolved.
There are many pipeline, rail and tanker projects in the NEB queue. If we prevail in Court, this lawsuit will not only set a precedent but will also expose the government’s systematic high-handed abuse of civil liberties for ALL to see.

Please join me in this historic moment. Clay and ForestEthics Advocacy need your help. Make sure your right to speak freely on tar sands projects is restored. Donate right now, double your gift with our challenge match, and help us raise $50,000 in the next 72 hours. Please give and be generous. Thank you! I know we can do it.

With gratitude,

Margaret Atwood

Internationally acclaimed and award-winning Canadian Author
Companion of the Order of Canada

P.S. This lawsuit gives me hope. I am inspired by the courage and strength of ForestEthics Advocacy and their willingness to fight on our behalf. These gutsy warriors deserve your support. Please give and be generous. Thank you!

Breaking news: ForestEthics Advocacy and Clayton Ruby are standing up for our rights and environment. 

ForestEthics Advocacy - because protecting forests is everyone's business
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1 comment:

John Fefchak said...

They allow the pillaging of our environment,
destroy our waters and foul the air. All these,
are what we need to survive. And to complain,
we have to fill out a 9 page application. Our freedom of speech is being strangled.
Canada's service men and women fought in wars and conflicts to attain democracy and freedom of speech. Perhaps it is time to revert and turn our plowshares back into spears. Then
governments will listen better.

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