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Harvard Study Finds Exxon Misled Public about Climate Change

inside climate news An analysis of Exxon’s research and public statements shows a sharp contrast between what the oil giant knew about climate change and what it told the public.  Story here.

Will This Tidal Project Spark a Global Energy Revolution?

EcoWatch Ambitious plans have been drawn up for a network of "tidal lagoons" around the UK coast that could provide up to a quarter of the country's electricity—and there is potential to roll out the technology in many parts of the world. Story here.

Cattails Into Clean Energy: Where to From Here?

IISD Cattails - PinP photo. This past year has been a monumental success for IISD’s Cattail Harvesting for Nutrient Capture and Sustainable Energy project . Story here.

Canadians Entitled to “Realistic” Canadian Energy Strategy

Climate Action Network Premiers have agreed to a Canadian Energy Strategy that fails to strongly steer the country toward the clean, renewable energy system needed to cut carbon pollution and protect the climate. Details here.

US Energy Secretary Steven Chu Resigns, Chastises Climate Deniers And Clean-Energy Critics

Huffington Post In a wide-ranging and sometimes defiant letter to staff announcing his resignation on Friday, Energy Secretary Steven Chu, while highlighting his agency's achievements over the last four years, blasted critics of the administration's investment in the renewable energy market, suggesting that opponents were living in the "Stone Age." Details here.