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Harper Government Destroys Farmer Control Over Seed

Alberta Pipeline Spills 60,000 Litres Of Crude

Tanzania Government Denies Plan to Evict Maasai for Lion Hunting

Canada's Process to Protect Endangered Species is Failing, Study Finds

Stop Tanzania From Kicking the Maasai Off Their Land! PLEASE, PLEASE SIGN!

It's Time to Ban GMOs

Filipino Farmers Protest Government Research on Genetically Modified Rice

A Vision for Nature

Canadian Author Donates Prize Money To Fight Tar Sands Pipeline, Inspires Outpouring Of Cash

Ontario Takes Tough, Timely Action to Reduce Harm From Neonicotinoid Pesticides

Obesity-Related Cancers on the Rise, Especially in Developed Countries

The Canadian Province of Manitoba Makes Largest-Ever Land Donation to Protect Iconic Lake Manitoba Wetland

A Former Federal Scientist in Canada Pleads His Case Against Roundup to the Minister of Health, Rona Ambrose

Canada's Biggest Province, Ontario, Acts to Protect Bees While The Federal Government Twiddles Its Thumbs

Farm Leaders on the Canadian Prairies Peg Water Damage in the Billions

Climate Change Overview

Keystone XL's Silent Role as a Forest-Killer

Contamination Nation - Disaster Lurks on the Shores of Canada's Great Slave Lake - Global News Video (Pardon the Ad)

What's In Our Water? Flame Retardants, Anti-Microbial Nanosilvers And Synthetic Estrogen

Save Endangered Grizzly Bears from Canada's Jumbo Ski Resort! PLEASE SIGN!

Taps Run Dry in São Paulo Drought, But Water Company Barely Shrugs

Saving the Planet, One Meal at a Time

Leaked Documents Reveal Shady Tactics Behind PR Push For Even Bigger Canadian Pipeline

Tribe: Keystone Vote is an "Act of War!"

$ 25 Million GMO and Pesticide Safety Study Launched in London

I'm Going on Strike - Against Walmart

Conservationists Concerned After Catch Limit Increased for Bluefin Tuna

Genetically-Engineered Corn Developers Sue Hawaii County to Halt Voter-Passed Law

Beddome is Back!

G20 Countries Spending $88 Billion a Year to Subsidize Climate Disaster

Back-To-The-Future Agriculture: 'Farming Like the Earth Matters'

It’s Official – Russia Completely Bans GMOs

Obama, Chinese President Agree to Landmark Climate Deal

Who Pays the Price for Canada's Dirty Tar Sands?

Absolute Power in the Hands of Just One Man

Controversial French Scientist Defends GMO Research

Alberta Says Farm Weather Disaster up to $589M in Crop Hail Insurance Payouts

Freedom Isn't Free, Someone Had to Pay For it.

Union of Federal Scientists, Professionals to Campaign Against Harper Tories

Go Figger

The Next Steps for an Organic Planet Are Yours To Take

This Week in "The Fraser Institute is Embarrassing Itself" News

Island of Maui Defies Monsanto, Passes Ban on GMO Farming

Health Canada Has 100,000 New Reasons to Rethink Approval of Controversial Pesticides

On The Importance Of Appreciating Animals

Here Comes The Sun

Confessions of a Former Climate Change Denier

'Leaders Must act', Urges Ban, As New UN Report Warns Man's Impact on Climate May Soon Be 'Irreversible'

Crisis Fuelled Resurgence of Horse-Drawn Carriages in Cuba

Fossil Fuels Must End By The End of the Century - United Nations.

Task Force on Systemic Pesticides - A Must-Watch Video!

At Least One California Town Is Now Bone-Dry As Megadrought Continues