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Important Coming Event - Please Attend if You Can!

"Gunslinging" Canadian MP Tries to Soften Gun Rules Even Further - With Remarkably Bad Timing.

A Canadian City Once Eliminated Poverty And Nearly Everyone Forgot About It

Global Warming Will Cut Wheat Yields, Research Shows

Fracking Fumes: Where There's a Well, All is Not Well

Global Efforts Needed to Stop Deadly Banana Disease

Canada's Arctic Could be Free or Summer Sea-Ice in Just Six Years.

Tell Canada to Respect the Rights of Migrant Mexican Workers! PLEASE SIGN!

A Town in Manitoba, Canada Without Poverty. An Experiment With Basic Income (Video)

Oh, Woe, Canada – a Tough-Love Letter to My Country

The National Farmers Union is a Voice Canadian Farmers Need — if Only They Would Listen

Epic Chevron Battle Lands in Canadian Court

Farmed and Dangerous? — The Canadian Food Inspection Agency Destroys a Shepherd's Livelihood and Her Sheep

A Pipeline Operated by the Enbridge Tarsands Company Spills in Regina, Canada.

Why People Don't Believe in Climate Science, or "It's OK to be Smart!" (Video)

Tarsands Leak Fouls Aquifer In Alberta, Canada. Is it an Isolated Incident?

Fracking Dealt Another Setback by Quebec Report

More Good News for Canada's Embattled, World-Class Experimental Lakes Area.


Concerns About Roundup Ready Alfalfa Raised at National Forage Meeting in Canada

Out to Pasture.

National Farmers Union (NFU) Urges Western Provincial Governments to Purchase Canadian Wheat Board Assets

The Murder of Women (Femicide): A Humanitarian Crisis in Central America, and a Growing Problem Worldwide

Another 5,000 Farms Disappear Under Conservatives

Why so Many Canadian Farmers Miss the Wheat Board

Crazy Like a Fox.

Marching in Defense of Mother Earth, Thousands in Lima Demand Climate Justice Now!

Oil Exploration Threatens Narwhals and an Entire Way of Life. PLEASE SIGN PETITION!

The National Farmers Union Urges Canada to Reject "CETA," the Free Trade Agreement With Europe.

Amazon Oil Spills Overlooked by Environmental Leaders in Lima.

Sowing Seeds of Misinformation: Let’s Set the Record Straight on GMO Crops and Foods!

The Ocean Now Has At Least 700 Pieces Of Plastic Per Person On Earth

PinP is Pleased to Provide a Platform for This Billionaire, Who Was Banned Elsewhere For Exposing Capitalism’s Biggest Lie (Video)

CWB Seeks Partner With Grain Handling Expertise, Money

Rhetoric vs. Reality. A Tale of Self-Deception.

An Eleven Year-Old Boy Sets Us Straight (Video)

New Project in Manitoba, Canada, Provides Information to Farm Operations Switching to Loose Sow Housing

Canadian Wheat Board Prepares for Corporate Takeover

Canada’s Wheat Exports Dogged by Quality Complaints

Dozens of Lawsuits Filed Over Syngenta's Release of GMO Corn Seed That China Refuses to Buy

Federal Scientists Muzzled by the Office of the Canadian Prime Minister

A Court Orders Canada's Yukon Territory to Consult Again on a Plan For the Storied Peel Watershed.

Canada's Climate Inaction Leaves it 'Increasingly Isolated' as a Big Climate Meeting Begins.