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Dear Government Spin Doctor: A Journalist's Final Warning

Sean Holman-The Tyee One last shot at the tyranny of the talking point. Story here.

What’s Happening to Canada? An Open Letter to Stephen Harper

by Ralph Nader - Common Dreams Many Americans love Canada and the specific benefits that have come to our country from our northern neighbor’s many achievements (see Canada Firsts by Nader, Conacher and Milleron). Unfortunately, your latest proposed legislation—the new anti-terrorism act—is being described by leading Canadian civil liberties scholars as hazardous to Canadian democracy. Story here.

Voter Suppression on EDay Canada 2011 and Since...Please Contribute to the Making of an Important Film. GIVE GENEROUSLY!!

INDIEGOGO This film will be for all Canadians.

Ex-Staffer With the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Guilty of Election Fraud in Robocalls Case

The Canadian Press GUELPH, Ont. - Former Conservative party staffer Michael Sona has been convicted of trying to prevent voters from casting ballots during the 2011 federal election. Details here.

Canada's Carbon Emissions Projected to Soar by 2030

The Guardian   Tar sands expected to help drive 38% increase in emissions,  Harper government admits in submission to the UN.  Full story here.                                          Courtesy of Care2

More Unfair Elections Coming Monday in Harper's Canada! Act Now! Sign Petition

Council of Canadians  At this very moment the Harper Conservatives are shutting down democratic debate on their so-called "Fair Elections Act" and trying to ram the 242-page bill through Parliament only three days after it was tabled. Details here. Related:  The Conservative Party of Canada: a Criminal Organization?

7 Environmental Charities Face Canada Revenue Agency Audits

Huffington Post The Canada Revenue Agency is currently conducting extensive audits on some of Canada's most prominent environmental groups to determine if they comply with guidelines that restrict political advocacy, CBC News has learned. Details here. PLT rendering