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Have Farm Chemicals Ruined Another Life?

                                          by Larry Powell Oh look! What the world needs now! Yet another "crop protection" product! A PinP photo. I met him recently at a family event.   Since he prefers not to be identified, I'll call him "James," which is not his real name. James moved slowly with the use of a cane; a distinguished looking senior with graying hair. At dinner, he shared bits and pieces of his personal story with me.  It was both amazing and tragic. He had worked for a number of years in the farm chemical industry in western Canada. Industry "experts" convinced him at the time that the chemicals he was working with were so safe, "I would have drunk them if they had asked me to!"  Turns out, he didn't have to.  James is convinced that, merely inhaling their fumes over the years was enough to change his life forever. And not for the better.   Later, at my request, James sends me a