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Eating the Earth

The Government of Manitoba robs its rural citizens of their local autonomy to serve its political friends and big business. (Opinion)

Compassion needed for farm animals. (Letter)

World's biggest meat firm, JBS, caught red-handed. (Video)

WARNING: LANGUAGE IN THIS VIDEO MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME. Bill Mahr reminds us how our contempt for nature and the way we produce food is biting us back.

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European parliament approves curbs on use of antibiotics on farm animals

The RM of Yellowhead will ask an independent investigator to solve a dispute over an allegedly illegal hog barn operation in southwestern Manitoba.

How animal waste is helping turn China's lakes green

Officials Worry Yet Another Lethal Pig Disease May be Coming to Canada

Rural Americans’ struggles against factory farm pollution find traction in court. Will it happen in Canada, too?

Deadly African swine fever arrives in China, the world’s largest producer of pigs

A Third Smithfield Lawsuit Verdict Creates Alarm Among Producers

When the EPA sided with factory farms, she quit. (Video)

African Swine Fever could be in Germany in 4 years