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The Big Banks’ Green Bafflegab

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British chicken driving deforestation in Brazil’s “second Amazon”

Brazilian meat giant trucked cattle from deforested Amazon ranch

WARNING: LANGUAGE IN THIS VIDEO MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME. Bill Mahr reminds us how our contempt for nature and the way we produce food is biting us back.

Some Canadian hog producers are euthanizing their own pigs because Covid-19 has rendered them almost worthless. Is it happening in Manitoba, too?

Global financial giants swear off funding an especially dirty fuel.

Peace River Frack-Up

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The research is in - stop fracking ASAP!

It’s feared that a disease deadly to hogs, “PEDv,” will return to the rampant stage it reached in Manitoba in 2017.

Manitoba's "Protein Advantage"

Rising global shipping traffic could lead to surge in invasive species

Farm workers sicken as Trump slashes regulations meant to protect them.