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Is Canada’s hog industry doing its part to counter antibiotic resistance, now considered a world health crisis? The most recent “report card” available seems to say, “no!”

Will the world’s addiction to industrial livestock production bring an end to the age of the “miracle drug?”

Despite long-standing and widespread warnings of the dangers, hog producers on the Canadian prairies were still feeding more antibiotics to their pigs in 2018 than they did the year before. (Latest figures available.)

How the power of the pork industry thwarts efforts to protect the public from infectious diseases. A CBS "Sixty-Minutes" video.

Nitrogen crisis threatens Dutch environment—and economy

Cargill Closes Feed Mills in China Due to African Swine Fever

The smell, the noise, the dust: my neighbour, the factory farm

It’s feared that a disease deadly to hogs, “PEDv,” will return to the rampant stage it reached in Manitoba in 2017.