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There Is an Arrest Warrant Out for Jill Stein (Leader of the Green Party in the U.S.)

THE Nation Why? Because she protested with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Story here.

Liz Makes More Sense in the House of Commons (No One Applauds)


GreenParty of Canada Candidate Kate Storey Ready to Hit The Campaign Trail in a Key Riding in Rural Manitoba.

GRANDVIEW. Green Party candidate Kate Storey (above) kicked off her campaign in Grandview on Sunday. “I am ready and happy to take on the challenge of this longer campaign.” said Ms. Storey. I look forward to using the time to get out to more communities and talk to more people in Dauphin Swan River Neepawa.” “The Green Party has attracted more stellar Canadians - with personal reputations that command respect across Canada -- than any other party.  I am proud to represent the Green Party beside candidates like MP Elizabeth May,   broadcasters Claire Martin and Jo-Ann Roberts and Olympic mayor Ken Melamed.” “Canadians deserve a government that delivers on long-term and sustainable jobs, a sustainable and expanded public health system, genuine security, and leadership globally in confronting the climate crisis,” said Ms. Storey. “Canadians deserve MPs who put Parliament ahead of party, setting aside hyper-partisanship for citizenship.” “Elected Greens   give Canadians

It's Worth Defending

Larry -- Our coastlines, our drinking water, our national parks -- we love these things, and defending them is no easy task, especially in the era of the Harper Conservatives. The current government has been giving away our natural resources to foreign multinational corporations at an alarming rate, and has pushed for the reckless and unsustainable expansion of the oilsands and other high-polluting industries. But I have good news for you.

Kate Storey of the Green Party Nails it on GMO and Glyphosate

by Tony Mitra Kate is an organic farmer based in Manitoba. She is also the Agriculture critic of the Green Party and an aspiring politician that is standing for the coming federal and provincial elections, hoping to be either an MP or an MLA. Story here.

Manitoba Greens Call For Premier to Quash Energy East pipeline

Winnipeg Free Press The Selinger government can — and should — slam the brakes on a proposed national pipeline that would pump diluted bitumen from the Alberta oil sands into eastern Canada, the Green Party says. Story here.

Well-Known Meteorologist Runs for Greens

My name is Claire Martin, and I am excited to announce that I am running as the Green Party candidate for the riding of North Vancouver. During my twenty-year career as a meteorologist and broadcaster, including nine years with CBC’s The National, I have been committed to making the subject of environmental science accessible to Canadians. Over this period, I have seen first-hand the impacts of the climate crisis grow worse, and the need for decisive action become more urgent. I am running in 2015 because I care about building a stronger, more sustainable Canada that confronts the climate crisis head-on, and doesn’t ignore this challenge to the detriment of our society, our economy, and our future. Over the last four years, Elizabeth May has shown us how much a Green MP can achieve, and I can’t wait to join her and many more Green MPs in Ottawa after the next election. In order to make that happen, we need your help! The election could be called at any point in

Blogger Takes Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada to Task Over His Latest "War Games." (Letter)

Dear Editor, Sad, isn’t it?  Canada’s days as an honest broker are over. The Harper government has transformed my country from a kinder, gentler peacekeeping nation, into a wanna-be petro-state that takes sides, “smites” its enemies, sows seeds of hatred based on culture, religion or gender and intimidates those whose views differ from its own.  After all, by Harper's definition, I’m a “radical” because I oppose the tar sands and donate to “subversive” organizations like the David Suzuki Foundation. Apparently so, too are First Nations people who are trying to fight Harper’s draconian legislation which directly threatens their land, water and air.  Harper may be backing off parts of his "anti-terrorist" Bill C-51 which threaten so many of our civil liberties. But only after repeated warnings from many informed people, including former Prime Ministers and Chief Justices. And the fact those parts were there in the first place, is revealing.

Save the CBC From the Harperites! Please Sign!

Please sign and show the Green Party of Canada you support their efforts to shield this precious Canadian treasure, the CBC, from the assault from the Harperites! Thanks ! Just click here! PinP Related: "Holding Power to Account - a Postmortem"

Kate Storey Selected to Run Again for the Green Party of Canada in Dauphin – Swan River - Marquette.

Onanole, MB.  by Larry Powell - Green Party of Canada. “It’s time to end ‘top-down’ politics in this country,” Storey declared, as a group of dedicated supporters voted unanimously to again endorse her this weekend as their party’s choice in the federal election later this year. " Vote Green and give your MPs the ability to actually represent the people for a change,” she declared. If elected, Storey promised to dedicate herself to fight against the scourges of climate change, and for the principles of social justice and democracy. Kate Storey, candidate, Green Party of Canada. Dauphin - Swan River - Marquette. She and her husband, Doug have been operating an organic farm near Grandview for years. They’ve become living examples of how sustainable agriculture can succeed in a sea of industrial farms, where genetic modification, pesticides and monoculture are increasingly compromising the quality of our food and the very survival of precious pollinators, such as h

Out to Pasture.


Speak Up For Democracy Rally - Winnipeg. (Video) Elizabeth May and Others

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First Green Party Member in the History of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Canada, Sworn In

Globe & Mail British Columbia’s first provincially elected Green Party member, Andrew Weaver (r.) wasted little time attacking Premier Christy Clark’s plans to export liquefied natural gas from northern B.C. to Asia after a swearing-in ceremony Thursday at the legislature. Details here.

Manitoba Greens Celebrate Climate Scientist's Victory in British Columbia

Green Party of Manitoba WINNIPEG – Manitoba Green Party leader James Beddome (l.) congratulates new Green MLA Andrew Weaver (below) on his historic win in B.C.’s election yesterday. “Andrew will be a wonderful first Green representative, bringing his strong voice to work for the environment and our planet’s future.” Andrew Weaver is the first Green ever elected to a provincial legislature in Canada. He defeated the Liberal incumbent in the riding of Oak Bay-Gordon Head. Other B.C. Greens came close to winning seats, with Adam Olsen only 387 votes behind the NDP victor and Jane Sterk placing a strong second to the Liberals in the riding of Victoria-Beacon Hill. The Greens are B.C.’s third political party in terms of popular vote. “Greens are rising in popularity across Canada,” says Beddome. “Our sound and sensible policies are resonating with voters as everyone learns to think ‘green’. The Green Party of Manitoba looks forward to electing MLAs in Manitoba’s

Ban the Use of Neonicotinoids in Canada

Elizabeth May, Leader, Green Party of Canada Pollinators, including honeybees, are a central element of our food system and a critical pillar of our ecology. Details here. Related:  Pollinator Protection - Europe Shows Us How It's Done (Letter) Lots of Buzz About Disappearing Honeybees.

Climate Crisis Threatens Canadian Agriculture, We Need an Agricultural Adaptation Plan, Now

Elizabeth  May All around the world, governments are mobilizing resources to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions while adapting to the climate crisis. Everywhere around the world that is except Canada. Details here.

Video: Withdrawing From UN Drought Treaty For The Cost Of...

House of Commons April  16, 2013 Elizabeth May:  Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister told this House that Canada legally withdrew from the treaty to combat drought and desertification because it was “ …not an effective way to [use] taxpayers’ money”. The cost of the treaty, $300,000 a year, is roughly equivalent to half the cost of a G8 gazebo or 109 days of the care and feeding of a rented panda, less than 4% of the PMO office budget, a third the cost of shipping an armoured vehicle to India, or two days of government advertising to tell us how happy we should all be with the way the government is spending our money. By what criteria is that spending more effective than pulling our weight in the world to confront drought and expanding deserts? Hon. Julian Fantino:  Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to speak to the criteria. That is making Canada's assistance more effective and efficient so we can dedicate those resources to the people most in need. We are

Experimental Lakes Area Closure a Financial Blunder, Say Greens

  Grandview:    The Green Party of Canada calls on the  federal government to keep the  Experimental Lakes  Area (ELA) research station open. Closure of ELA will  cost Canadian tax payers $50 million to decommission  the site while keeping it open would only be $2 million  a year.  “Do the math,” says Kate Storey, of the Dauphin  Swan River Marquette Green Party. “This attack on  science is a financial blunder.” Giving no reasons, the Harper government terminated  funding to the facility, forcing it to close this March.  Concerned citizens  have suggested that the closure is  a vendetta against environmentalists. Research coming  out of the experimental lakes could be inconvenient to  those wishing to ignore the effects of toxins on the water  and on the health of Canadians. The Experimental Lakes station  has operated as a unique,  world-renowned centre for freshwater research in  northwestern Ontario for about half-a-century. Studies  done there hav

Green Party Leader Gob-Smacks the Media Darling of the CBC and National Post

Greens do politics differently (But not in the way that Rex Murphy thinks) By Elizabeth May In his Saturday National Post column , Rex Murphy claimed that Canada’s  Green party has no  goal other than to get me elected as an MP —  and that this has been the case for “two or three general elections.”   Full story here. Rex Murphy caricature courtesy  of By the Bay Art Studio

Green Party Supports Last-Ditch Efforts to Save Experimental Lakes Area (ELA)

GPC OTTAWA – The Green Party of Canada once again offers its whole-hearted support to the Coalition to Save ELA – made up of top scientists from across the country – in light of rumours that the Harper Conservatives have found a private buyer for this irreplaceable, public, 58-lake scientific area. Details here.