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Earth set to warm 3.2 C by 2100 unless efforts to cut emissions are tripled, new UN report finds

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Fueling Concerns of Approaching Catastrophic 'Tipping Point,' Deforestation of Brazilian Amazon Hit Highest Level in Decade

Study counts 1.8 million pieces of trash at the bottom of Canada's Bay of Fundy

It's big. It's risky. It's unacceptable!

Brazil supports sugarcane growing in Amazon

The next Passenger Pigeon? A uniquely Canadian bird - the Eskimo Curlew - has not been seen for over half-a-century!

Climate change poses 'lifelong' child health risk

New report exposes horror of working conditions for millions of sanitation workers in the developing world

Microplastics found in oysters, clams on Oregon coast, study finds. (Last year, Canadian scientists discovered high levels of microplastics in B.C.’s oyster beds). Is our clothing to blame?

Drug resistance likely to kill 400,000 Canadians by 2050, report predicts

Hurricanes have become bigger and more destructive for the U.S. and Canada, study finds

Brazil’s Atlantic forest: putting the pieces back together

World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency (Condensed Version)

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Agricultural impacts of our climate crisis are becoming more apparent