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Plants at Risk of Extinction, New Report Finds

Common Dreams One of several species at risk in Canada, the small white lady's slipper, (Cypripedium candidum).  Photo by Mason Brock. A grim new assessment of the world's flora and fungi has found that two-fifths of its species are at risk of extinction as humans encroach on the natural world.  Details here.                 

Ghost Cat Gone: Eastern Cougar Officially Declared Extinct

EcoWatch Say good-bye to the "ghost cat." This week the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officially declared the eastern cougar ( Puma concolor couguar ) to be extinct and removed it from the endangered species list.  Story here. Photo credit - Pexels.

On The Road To Extinction, Maybe It's Not All About Us

CommonDreams The devastating consequences of human superiority over nature. Story here. The remains of a rare northern right whale run over by a ship.  NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries photo. Related: The Sixth Extinction - an Unnatural History - a Book Review