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Of Parrots and Parables. The Silent Majority Must Speak Out.

by John Fefchak - Virden, MB Family members were excited when a large box arrived at their house. A relative in the tropics had told them to expect a gift in the mail. A week passed. The phone rang. It was the relative. "How did you like the gift that I sent"? “We really enjoyed it ,” replied a family member. "It was delicious!” "WHAT?" exclaimed an angry voice. “You ate the parrot?  That was a very expensive bird. It could speak both official languages! It wasn't meant to be eaten!” "Too Bad" replied the family member. “It should have spoken up and said something.” Like the parrot, have we humans waited too long to speak up, too?

Air Pollution in Chinese Capital Called "Crazy Bad!" Diplomatic Blunder or Some Frank Honesty? No 22 - '10 An unexpected phrase in US embassy's hourly pollution tweet for Beijing, gives its followers cause for amusement and concern.