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A Vision for Nature

by George Monbiot                                                                                  Pine grosbeaks in Manitoba, CA. PinP photos by Larry Powell. As governments tear down the rules that defend our wildlife from extinction,  here’s a positive attempt to stop the wreckage. Story here.

The Cancer of Growth

The RAM'S HORN - Brewster Kneen There is a cancer referred to as The Economy which is growing world-wide – in Canada, the USA, Brazil, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey, Mexico. It accompanies a notion – nay, ideological fantasy – that growth is a universal remedy for an ailing – or failing – economy. This is profoundly odd since the primary characteristic of cancer is that it endeavours to consume its host. Details here. The City of Vancouver, CA - another of the  world's "growth centres." PLT photo.

The Gift of Death

George Monbiot Pathological consumption has become so normalised that we scarcely notice it. Full story here. PLT: Get a talking fish toy for your loved one this Christmas! What a catch!