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Corporate Control & the Profitability of “Consent”

CYD-DJC  What do Pinehouse, Saskatchewan and COP18 in Doha, Qatar have in common? Details here.

Winnipeg Sewage Plant Upgrade on Hold

Winnipeg Free Press North End treatment facility big phosphorus polluter. Details here.

Permafrost Thawing Across Siberia And Alaska Poses New Concern, UNEP Reports

  Courtesy - the Huffington Post  (Reuters) - Permafrost lands across Siberia and Alaska that contain vast stores of carbon are beginning to thaw, bringing with it the threat of a big increase in global warming by 2100, a U.N. report said on Tuesday. Details here.

Chasing Ice - the official trailer (Video)

ABOUT THE FILM   Chasing Ice is the story of one man’s mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of climate change. Using time-lapse cameras, his videos compress years into seconds and capture ancient mountains of ice in motion as they disappear at a breathtaking rate.

Action to Avoid Catastrophic Climate Change May Already Be Too Late

Huffington Post. In the absence of aggressive government policies aimed at curbing greenhouse gas emissions, dangerous temperature elevations are not just a possibility, but a near certainty. Details here. PLT. The chart, left, shows the disturbing, upward climb of the main greenhouse gas over the past few years. Anything over 350 ppb is dangerous! Fight climate change! Cut down on fossil fuels! Now!

So, What Will it Be, Prairie Grasslands or Pipelines?

What will the future hold for Suffield National Wildlife Area? Dear Larry, Loggerhead Shrike: istockphoto Please send your letter to Ministers Kent and MacKay, and ask them to deny Cenovus' request for a permit to expand its drilling operations within the Suffield NWA. Nature Canada is working with other conservation groups to protect the Suffield NWA from expanded industrial activity. Other members of the Suffield Coalition are Alberta Wilderness Association, Nature Alberta, World Wildlife Fund Canada, Nature Saskatchewan, Southern Alberta Group for the Environment, and Grasslands Naturalists. Suffield National Wildlife Area near Medicine Hat, Alberta, is a special space of rare prairie grassland, sand hills and ancient glacial valleys. It's home to at least 15 federally listed species at risk, including the burrowing owl and the loggerhead shrike. But a proposal by energy giant Cenovus to add 1,275 shallow gas wells and

Manitoba Tory MP Insists He Didn’t Want Reporter Fired

iPolitics - Michael Harris  Jill Winzoski is a name you probably don’t know. Time you met her; she is a canary in the mine of Canadian journalism. Details here. PLT: Please also read, "Hypocricy, Cynicism and Lies Stain the Tory Record in Manitoba" here.

BP Pleads Guilty, Pays Record $4.5 Billion Over Gulf spill; 3 Employees Charged

Winnipeg Free Press. Details here. PLT: You don't suppose BP will simply write this off as "the cost of doing business" and carry on as before, do you? Naaaah!

Green Party Supports Last-Ditch Efforts to Save Experimental Lakes Area (ELA)

GPC OTTAWA – The Green Party of Canada once again offers its whole-hearted support to the Coalition to Save ELA – made up of top scientists from across the country – in light of rumours that the Harper Conservatives have found a private buyer for this irreplaceable, public, 58-lake scientific area. Details here.

Hurricane Sandy Damage Amplified By Breakneck Development Of Coast (Video)

Huffington Post *Stupid, greedy and myopic local authorities - land planners, developers and politicians - have some answering to do for the destruction wrought by the deadly hurricane.* Details here. *(Inserted by PLT.)*

Ash Dieback: Bishop Calls for Urgent Action to Save Britain's Forests

The Guardian Bishop of Liverpool says trees should be taken out of the political cycle to preserve 'green and pleasant land' Details here. Ash trees in Canada. PLT photo Please also read: "What Were You Thinking? An open letter to the former ministers who appear to have let a devastating tree disease into the UK ," by George Monbiot

‪David Versus Monsanto - 52 minute Documentary - Trailer‬


A Song Worth Remembering on Remembrance Day

Buffy Sainte-Marie talks about and sings "Universal Soldier." Video

Playing Fast and Loose With Another Deadly Herbicide in Manitoba

David Neufeld - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Our family business includes growing bedding plants. In the spring of 2010 every tomato, pepper and marigold we started curled up grotesquely and died. Details here. ==== Please also read: "Organic Farmer Worries About Weedkiller Sprayed in Ditches in Rural Manitoba"  

Superstorm Sandy—a People's Shock?

Naomi Klein - the Nation Less than three days after Sandy made landfall on the East Coast of the United States, Iain Murray of the Competitive Enterprise Institute blamed New Yorkers’ resistance to big-box stores for the misery they were about to endure. Details here.

US Election Results Give Environmentalists Hope

Manitoba Wildlands The 2012 US election was supposed to be all about the economy. But in state and federal races, candidates targeted by environmentalists for their positions on climate and energy lost in large numbers November 6, 2012.  Details here.

Brazil Becomes Stinking Rogue State - Builds Illegal Mega-Dam - Petition & Video

Dear Larry,  I've just returned from a wildly intense journey to the Xingu River in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon where construction of the catastrophic Belo Monte Dam has begun. There, I joined an occupation of the cofferdam led by fishermen, indigenous warriors and their families, including women, children and elders. What began as a protest by 13 fishermen turned into a 200-person occupation that lasted 35 days to demand JUSTICE NOW for their rights and rainforest homeland. They need your voice! Help these courageous leaders demand that members of the Brazilian judiciary stop stalling on the many outstanding legal cases against the Belo Monte Dam. Sign the petition for JUSTICE NOW! This year has been marked by glorious moments of victory and heartbreaking disappointments in the campaign to stop Belo Monte. During this recent occupation, our partners reached out in a truly brave attempt to foster real dialogue with the Brazilian government and to denounce

The Campaign for GMO Labelling Not Dead Yet - Despite California Ballot Defeat

Manitoba Co-Operator Re-election of Obama encourages label supporters.   GM canola field. PinP photo The failure on Tuesday of a California ballot initiative that would have mandated labeling of genetically modified foods is not a death knell for those seeking nationwide labeling, U.S. labeling proponents said. Details here. ======= Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) Update - Proposition 37 on Mandatory Labelling in California:  Industry money - $46 million from food and biotech corporations - has defeated the Californian ballot on mandatory labelling of GM foods. The California vote lost 53% to 47% after industry television ads and mailings to households claimed labelling GM foods would raise the price of food. Huge grassroots mobilization brought the vote that far and millions more people across North America are now aware of GM foods. It's been 17 years since the first GM crop, GM canola, was approved (1995) in Canada - We can stop the e

Errol Black: A Truly Remarkable Life

Centre for Policy Alternatives If we’re very lucky, every once in a while someone special will come into our lives. Errol Black was special. photo credit: CTV News

Harper Spits in the Eye of Science Once Again - Flaunts Heavy Vehicles to Flit Him About India

Winnnipeg Free Press  NEW DELHI - Two armoured cars were shipped to India from Canada to shuttle Prime Minister Stephen Harper around during a six-day, four-city tour this week. The move is an unusual one for a Canadian prime minister. Harper has only brought his own transportation to two other nations — Haiti and Afghanistan. The president of the United States routinely travels abroad with a custom-armoured state car, known as "the Beast" or "Cadillac One." A black sport-utility vehicle and a black luxury sedan carrying Ontario plates appeared in the motorcade when Harper arrived Sunday evening. ===== PLT: This latest stunt by our esteemed leader with delusions of grandeur, smacks of a symbolic but probably malevolant move to wear his anti climate-science bias like a mis-placed badge of honour. Will it take nothing less than a Sandy-calibre storm to strike 24 Sussex to knock some sense into this wilfully ignorant man?

Canada-China Trade Deal is Too One-Sided

Financial Post - Diane Francis. There is nothing in this deal with China that will protect Canadians. Details here. ===== PinP : Francis is no raging left-winger. She describes herself as a free-enterpriser and her columns over the years are testament to that. There's no doubt this China trade deal, which apparently our leader, Stephen The Great, has already ratified with no formal debate in parliament, sells out our country.  Just recently, a Canadian military intelligence officer was tried for selling secrets to Russia. When all is said and done, I wonder,  who will have done more harm to our country, the traitor or the Prime Minister?  Think about it.

Global domination? Whoa, Canada!

Boston Globe Could we (the U.S.) handle a muscular new version of our quiet northern neighbors (Canada)? For that matter, could they? Full story here. Commander-in-Chief Harper in Afghanistan

PLT Vindicated!

PLT: Not to boast or anything, but, on Nov. 1st ... yesterday. ... Bloomberg Businessweek, a magazine owned by the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, published a cover story entitled, "It's Global Warming, Stupid," (l.) in reference to Hurricane Sandy. In the spring of '09, over 3 years ago, I wrote a story entitled ...wait for it.... "It's Global Warming, Stupid." If you don't believe me, check it out, yourself!

New York Mayor Bloomberg Brings Climate Change out of the Closet in Stunning Snub to Romney

The Guardian Mayor's endorsement could turn climate change into a serious election issue – and it might even embolden Republicans. Details here. Yellow cabs underwater in New York.

Hypocricy, Cynicism and Lies Stain the Tory Record in Manitoba (Letter)

Dear Editor, I never thought I'd say this. But I may be lucky to be living in a riding represented by a Member of Parliament on the government side, (Robert Sopuck - Dauphin/Swan River/Marquette) after all. I say this because the government Mr. Sopuck represents, under Stephen Harper, has decided the Assiniboine River, one of millions of lakes, rivers and streams in Canada, is among the very few designated as "protected" by its new, "Navigation Protection Act."  (It happens to flow through Mr. Sopuck's riding.)  Shellmouth Dam on the Assiniboine. Could it now be harder to approve such structures in Tory ridings - but easier elsewhere? PLT photo. The Assiniboine forms Lake of the Prairies, a popular area for cottagers and boaters, just a few clicks west of where I live. This protection means that ice-fishers, anglers and pleasure boaters will keep their historic right, which dates back to Sir John A. himself, to navigate the river without having to