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Manitoba, federal governments pledge nearly $3M for study on sustainable aviation fuel facility.

CBC News Azure Sustainable Fuels Corporation's processing facility planned for near Portage la Prairie, Man. Story here.

U.S. corn-based ethanol worse for the climate than gasoline, study finds

(Reuters) - Corn-based ethanol, which for years has been mixed in huge quantities into gasoline sold at U.S. pumps, is likely a much bigger contributor to global warming than straight gasoline, according to a study published Monday.   Story here. An ethanol plant at Minnedosa, MB. A PinP photo   RELATED:                                                              BURSTING THE ETHANOL BUBBLE                                                                                       The case against food-based fuel                                               

After Big Oil's very bad week, the message for Alberta is clear.

Policy Options   Oil pipe sits on a railway siding in SW Manitoba. A PinP photo. If Alberta’s policy-makers don’t plan for a managed fossil fuel decline, financial and other institutions will make the decision for them.   Story here.

Oil may be Canada's past, but we cannot let it be our future

David Suzuki - The Guardian Pipes loaded on a train in Manitoba. A  PinP  photo.  There's a lot of fear around abandoning an industry that has been an economic driver for decades - yet the rest of the world is moving on. More here.

Transit union head says city of Winnipeg uninterested in grants for electric buses

The Winnipeg Free Press The union that represents Winnipeg Transit staff says city hall is missing out on an opportunity to access loans and grants to electrify the transit fleet. Story here.

Cyclist tells people NOT to ride the Trans Canada Trail

treehugger With much of the trail following the shoulders of busy highways, Edmund Aunger says the trail is dangerous and should not be promoted as a tourist attraction. Story her e. A cyclist take a break on a much safer section of the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba. PinP photo.

Will This Tidal Project Spark a Global Energy Revolution?

EcoWatch Ambitious plans have been drawn up for a network of "tidal lagoons" around the UK coast that could provide up to a quarter of the country's electricity—and there is potential to roll out the technology in many parts of the world. Story here.

Wind Generates 100% of Scotland's Electricity Needs for Entire Day

EcoWatch  A Canadian wind turbine. PinP photo. Wind energy had a banner day in Scotland. Thanks to an unseasonably windy Sunday, wind turbines generated more electricity than the country actually needed. Story here.

Canadian Livestock Producers Benefit From a Solar Watering System

Manitoba Co-Operator Installing a solar watering system has increased carrying capacity, weight gain and improved herd health. More here.

How Uruguay Became a Wind Power Powerhouse

WORLD RESOURCES INSTITUTE When it comes to renewable energy generation, the South American country of Uruguay is a huge success story. Story here.

WTO Swats Down India’s Massive Solar Initiative

Grist The World Trade Organization delivered a blow to India’s ambitious solar power program on Wednesday at the behest of the United States. So much for all that nice chatter about international climate cooperation back in December. Story here.

NAFTA Wind Energy Dispute With Canada Ramps Up

Image Wind farm in Saskatchewan.  PinP  photo. The three-year dispute between the US-based Windstream Energy company and the Canadian government ramped up this week, as representatives from both sides gathered in Toronto to make their case before an investor-state arbitration tribunal under NAFTA.  Story here .

Time For a Green Makeover For 24 Sussex?

National Observer Momentum is building for an audacious plan to turn the prime minister’s official residence in Ottawa into a national showcase for super-energy-efficient housing, and a powerful symbol of Canada’s promise to make a difference on global climate change. Story here.

Fossil-Fuel-Free Plan Pitched by Canadian Scientists

Bob McDonald - CBC News. Acting on Climate Change suggests way to sustainable future. Story here.

North America’s Oil And Gas Industry Has Taken Over 7 Million Acres Of Land Since 2000

climate progress Millions of acres of land across the U.S. and Canada has been taken over by oil and gas development in the last 12 years, according to a new study. Story here.

Paving Path Towards Climate Goal, Denmark Sets World Record for Wind Power

Common Dreams Wind turbine - Saskatchewan, Canada. Larry Powell PinP photo. 'It shows that we can reach our ultimate goal, namely to stop global warming,' said climate minister. Story here.

Here Comes The Sun

Larry This morning  activists climbed Leduc #1, the oil Derrick that started western Canada's oil boom 70 years ago, at the Edmonton Energy Discovery Centre. They hung a banner that read :  “Go Solar: 100% Climate Safe",  sending a clear message to the Alberta government that it’s time to transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy – for the sake of our climate.  They also set up a small solar panel atop the derrick, using its energy to power a sound system playing music proclaiming the power of the sun.   Help us get the message to Premier Jim Prentice, tell Alberta to go solar!

Crisis Fuelled Resurgence of Horse-Drawn Carriages in Cuba

INTERPRESS SERVICE HAVANA, Oct 30 2014 (IPS)  -  Up and down the streets  of towns and cities in Cuba go horse-drawn carriages  with black leather tops and large back wheels,  alongside more simple carts,  operating as public transportation.  Story here.

Solar Has Won. Even if Coal Were Free to Burn, Power Stations Couldn't Compete

TheGuardian As early as 2018, solar could be economically viable to power big cities. By 2040 over half of all electricity may be generated in the same place it's used. Centralised, coal-fired power is over. Full story here. PLT photo.

Unnatural Gas

Winnipeg Free Press Towering flames atop oil wells break the inky darkness in the badlands on North Dakota's Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. The flares of natural gas set grass fires on the prairie where Theodora Bird Bear's ancestors hunted buffalo and create a driving hazard on rural roads. Full story here.