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The Best Gift: Honouring Children

The Tyee - By Raffi Cavoukian Raffi, troubadour to the young, on how to stop the theft of our kids' futures. Details here.

The True Spirit of Christmas is Alive and Well in Winnipeg!

For a few years now, my stepdaughter, Coralee Crowe, has been involved with some friends, making blankets and distributing them at random to needy people in the City of Winnipeg at Christmas time. This year was no exception.  I decided it's time to put aside for awhile, the usual kinds of stories on this blog, (which some might consider "gloom & doomish,") so that my readers (and I) can be reminded, there's another world out there, where hope for a better future burns as brightly as ever.   And where people like Coralee never give up that hope. Coralee, your mom and I are proud of you!  If your objective this year was to make a difference in someone's life by your contribution to 100 Good Deeds, then consider your mission accomplished.     Below is Coralee's report to friends and family on how things went this year (2011).  Larry. == "Cael, myself, Terry and Heather headed out last evening to accom