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Modern, U.S. Family Farm Pastures its Pigs.

RODALE INSTITUTE A behind the scenes look at the Rodale Institute Organic Hog Facility with Farm Manager Ross Duffield. More here.

Back-To-The-Future Agriculture: 'Farming Like the Earth Matters'

Common Dreams Larry Powell  P in P photo It is easy to forget that once upon a time all agriculture was organic, grass fed, and regenerative. Story here.

Industrial Agriculture: Too Big to Succeed

IPS An estimated one billion small farmers scratching out a living growing diverse crops and raising animals in developing countries represent the key to maintaining food production in the face of hotter temperatures and drought, especially in the tropical regions, says Sarah Elton, author of the book, “Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet.” Full story here. Backyard chickens on a small,  organic farm in Manitoba. PLT photo.

How Fair is The National in its Coverage of Our Food Production Methods?

PLT: As you may have noticed, the CBC is giving wall-to-wall coverage to  the story about pesticide residues being found in organic food. So, what about the story posted earlier this week on PLT, * "Pesticides Contaminating Prairie Wetlands,  which has huge implications for both our environment and our health? Well, not so much. At least not yet, anyway. So far, it seems to have been reported regionally, only, on CBC Saskatchewan. So I sent the email, below (with a link to that story) to The National this evening. "Hi, Peter. Will The National be carrying *this story? Like the story about pesticides in organic food, I believe it too holds implications for food safety, not to mention a threat to an entire eco-system! Thanks!" We'll see if Peter uses his considerable experience and judgement as a veteran journalist and does the right thing, by giving equal treatment to this latter story, too! If he does not, why not remind him? His email is:

Farmers say Entire Organic Industry at Risk in GM Alfalfa Debate

PLT : Is the heavy hand of Corporatism about to descend on farmers who simply want to produce a decent, clean product? Could be! Just read on...... Global National GUELPH, Ont. – There’s a new genetically modified crop on the horizon that some say is jeopardizing the entire Canadian organic farming industry. Details here. PLT photo

The Organic Movement "Gets the Ear" of the Government of Manitoba

Minister declares week of Dec. 22-29 "Organic Week" in Manitoba.  Chemical-free veggies, fresh from a MB garden. PLT photo Manitoba's Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives, Ron Kostyshyn, (l.) enjoyed a 4-course, gourmet organic meal with organic producers and retailers at an intimate Winnipeg restaurant last evening. Fusion Grill is long known for its support of fresh, local and organic food.  Mr. Kostyshyn promised the guests his government would attempt to "raise the profile" of organic agriculture in the province. He then signed a declaration, proclaiming Sept. 22-29th as "Organic Week in Manitoba." (The week just passed was National Organic Week.) I was there, too, representing PLT and enjoying delicious dishes, ranging from roast heirloom squash to pumpkin crème brulee. Please also read: "Manitoba Proclaims Organic Week," here. After the feast,  I took the opportunity to "corner" the Min

Why Organic?

Rodale's - A note from our Executive Director    The news has been flooded with all sorts of noise about the Stanford meta-analysis “Are Organic Foods Safer or Healthier Than Conventional Alternatives?” Although both the researchers themselves and the media made it sound as if conventional came out on top, the numbers clearly made the case for organic. Here is what we saw when we read the report: PLT photo