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Shipments of Liquid Nuclear Waste to Begin Soon

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Seed: The Untold Story. Movie Trailer.

Canola Farmers Worried About Bayer-Monsanto Merger

Superbug Explosion Triggers UN General Assembly Meeting

Indonesia's Illegal Deforestation Fires Killed Over 100,000: Study

Hesitance to Link Some Weather Events to Climate Change 'No Longer Appropriate'

The Monsanto–Bayer Tie-Up is Just One of Seven Mega-Mergers That Threaten Seeds, Food Security

Media Silent as Two States Declare State of Emergency Due to Pipeline Spill

Technoparc: A Unique Wetland Area of Montreal - Home to Over 80 Nesting Species of Birds Faces an Uncertain Future

Be Afraid. Writer Warns of the Possible Rise of "Trumpism" Right Here in Canada.

Obama Administration: Dakota Pipeline 'Will Not Go Forward At This Time'

Polar Bears Losing Crucial Sea Ice: Study

The FDA Finds Monsanto’s Weed Killer In U.S. Honey

Agrochemical Giant Bayer Just Announced it’s Merging With The Most Hated Company on the Planet: Monsanto. PLEASE DONATE!

Ontario Environment Officials Concerned That Clear-Cut Logging Releases Mercury. (They Allowed it Anyway!)

Disposable Planet

Record High Temperatures: Toxic Slime Spreads Across Oceans as Climate Disruption Continues

'Five-Alarm Threat to Our Food Supply': Monsanto-Bayer Merger Advances

Summer Arctic Sea Ice Set to Become Second-Lowest on Record (NASA VIDEO)

Dakota Access Construction Will Continue, Pipeline Corp CEO Vows

Arctic Death Spiral: Icebreakers Reach North Pole as Sea Ice Disintegrates

'Climate Change Is Here': August Was Another Hottest Month for the Record Books

Biologist Stumbles Upon 2 Winged 'Beasts' New to Manitoba

The World Has Lost a Tenth of All Its Wilderness in The Past Two Decades

There Is an Arrest Warrant Out for Jill Stein (Leader of the Green Party in the U.S.)

This Momentous Event - a Huge Indigenous Protest Over an OIl Pipeline, Predictably Got Precious Little Coverage in Major US Media. (Video)

Planet In Peril.- a Snapshot of Our Climate Crisis. (Video) PLEASE WATCH!

For 2016, La Niña Proves to be an Unreliable Sibling to El Niño

Fall of the Wild: Study Documents 'Catastrophic Decline' in World's Untouched Places

End The Use Of Secret Corporate Courts! PLEASE SIGN!

The Climate Cost of Free Trade

Climate Change Has Greatly Increased Chances of Rainstorms the Size of the One in Louisiana in August

Humans Have Pushed Oceans to Their Absolute Limit, Warns Report

Enbridge Spreads Tentacles to Acquire Spectra, Creating 'Pipeline Enemy #1'

The Southern Ocean is Getting Less Salty. Here’s What That Could Mean for the Rest of the World

Oil, Gas And Coal Are Multi-Billion Dollar Businesses, Yet Every Year Fossil Fuel Companies get Billions in Tax Breaks and Handouts.

Ten States Report Crop Damage From Illegal Dicamba Use on Monsanto’s GMO Seeds

It's Official: The Anthropocene Epoch Is Here

Hutterite Colony in Alberta, Canada Blazes Antibiotic-Free Trail

Closing the High Seas to Fishing Could Save Coastal Fisheries

Obama Promises Huge Marine Reserve (Video)

UK Government to Ban Microbeads From Cosmetics by End of 2017

Editorial: Canada Called Out on Our Dirty Little Secret

Millions of Honeybees Killed in Attempt to Prevent Zika

Are Climate-Related 'Hot Blobs' Spreading and Killing Marine Life Worldwide?

Most Cities Too Hot to Host 2088 Summer Olympics