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WHAT'S IN A PROMISE? The end of gestation crates in Canada was scheduled for 2024. Now, it’s 2029.

Factory Farm Collective    A sow in a steel crate. If pigs could talk. In 2014, the National Farm Animal Care Council (NFACC) updated their industry guidelines for pig welfare and recommended that the pork industry end the use of gestation crates (or sow stalls) by 2024. This statement is taken from NFACC’s website under the heading, What The Science Says: Here. RELATED: Manitoba hog farmers pledge sow stall phase-out. 

Beaten with chains, hung by the neck: Canadian cows left behind by the law

NATIONAL OBSERVER For the first time in Canadian history, three former dairy workers have been sentenced to jail time for malicious animal abuse as a result of hidden-camera footage by an animal protection group. Details here.

All Forms of Life Are Sacred

OpEdNews - Chris Hedges Fowl on an organic farm in Canada.  (Someone once said,  "Livestock raised on organic farms each has one bad day in its life.  For those raised in animal factories - every day is a living hell!")  Larry Powell PinP photo. The battle for the rights of animals is not only about animals. It is about us. Once we desanctify animals we desanctify all life. And once life is desanctified the industrial machines of death, and the drone-like bureaucrats, sadists and profiteers who operate them, carry out human carnage as easily as animal carnage. There is a direct link between our industrial slaughterhouses for animals and our industrial weapons used on the battlefields in the Middle East. Details here.