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Nights Are Warming Faster Than Days. Here’s Why That’s Dangerous.

The New York Times A Canadian prairie sunset. PinP photo. July kicked off with searingly hot temperatures for most  Americans (& many Canadians) this year. More here.

Slice of Greenland ice melts into oblivion

climate news network Eastern Greenland. Photo by  Algkalv   Coastal glaciers in terminal decline as Greenland ice runs into the ocean and threatens to raise sea levels by the end of the century. Story here.

El Niño on a warming planet may have sparked the Zika epidemic, scientists report

The Washington Post In a world characterized by rising temperatures, deforestation and other human influences on the environment, the spread of infectious disease is a hot topic. Many recent studies suggest that environmental changes can affect the transmission of everything from malaria to the Zika virus — and it’s increasingly important to understand these links, scientists say. Story here.