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Jane Fonda and Greenpeace. The environment needs you! (Video)

A younger Jane....forever a rebel!

Microplastics found in oysters, clams on Oregon coast, study finds. (Last year, Canadian scientists discovered high levels of microplastics in B.C.’s oyster beds). Is our clothing to blame?

EurekAlert Pacific oysters, farmed in the U.S. Photo by NOAA. Tiny threads of plastics are showing up in Pacific oysters and razor clams along the Oregon coast -- and the yoga pants, fleece jackets, and sweat-wicking clothing that Pacific Northwesterners love to wear are a source of that pollution, according to a new Portland State University study. Story here. RELATED: More bad news for the world’s oceans - out of Canada!

The Amazon River: A Major Source of Organic Plastic Additives to the Tropical North Atlantic?

Environmental Science & Technology The Amazon empties into the Atlantic. "Flick"  Coordenação-Geral de Observação da Terra/INPE Dissolved surface water concentrations of two important families of plastic additives were found in remarkably high concentrations in the Amazon river plume. Story here.

Reduce plastics! PLEASE SIGN!

We must keep single-use plastics out of our oceans.

Greenpeace -   More here. Poster by Jessica - NOAA marine debris program.