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Rights Activists Share Alternative Nobel

Se 30, 10 by the Associated Press - by Malin Rising STOCKHOLM - Activists from Nepal,

Climate Risks Greater for Long Distance Migratory Birds in Europe

Mark Kniver | BBC News | September 25, 2010 Birds embarking on long distance migrations are more vulnerable to shifts in the climate than ones making shorter journeys, a study suggests.   Barn swallows nest under a bridge in southern Manitoba.                                                                            Might they be afffected, too?  Scientists say the increasingly early arrival of spring at breeding sites in Europe makes it harder for the birds to attract a mate or find food. The researchers warn that the "increasing ecological mismatch" can lead to a decline in bird populations. The findings appear in the journal Proceedings B of the Royal Society. Cape May warbler, observed in  southern MB, 2008 PinP photos "The study was based on a very large dataset of 117 migratory bird species that mig

Ethanol Maker to Gauge Interest in "Straw-Into-Fuel" Process

Manitoba Co-Operator 9/15/10 An Ottawa enzyme maker... (R.) A tiny part of the massive strawbale backlog at the failed strawboard plant at Eli, MB . l.p. photo

Government Accused of Manipulating Science News

September 29, 2010 | By Emily Chung, CBC News The federal government engages in...

Wind Energy Can Power Much of US East Coast, Study Says

28 Se 2010 - by: Renee Schoof | McClatchy Newspapers Washington - The strong winds off...

Liberals Pledge to Reopen Federal Prison Farms

Staff - Manitoba Co-Operator - 9/24/2010 The federal Liberal party has… Inmates working. Photo By Marc Vasconcellos.

Ontario's Environmental Commissioner Reports on Government Inaction

Shared by: F. Los on Se 22, 2010 the green Toronto - The government is failing to...

Groundwater Depletion Rate Accelerating Worldwide

ScienceDaily (Sep. 23, 2010) — In recent decades, the rate at which... The Assiniboine River in Manitoba, below the Shellmouth dam. l.p. photo

Pipleline About to be Installed in Manitoba, Presumably to Link to Alberta Tar Sands

Above is a map of the Keystone XL pipeline, designed to carry dirty tar sands oil into the 'States. COMMENT: Construction on this questionable project is now well advanced in southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Isn't it nice how our leaders wait for our permission before proceeding. Do da word "presumptuous" come to mind? l.p. Please also read item directly below.

Senators Push For Hasty Approval of Pipeline For World's Dirtiest and Costliest Oil

AlterNet/by Michael Brune Se 23 - 2010 The oil it promises to provide… Stripping the first layer of 'overburden' a layer of earth, sand and gravel up to 100 feet deep covering the bitumen ore or tar sand. The trees have been removed but, in this case, the topsoil is not being separated. Courtesy of "Beautiful Destruction"

This is What Global Warming Looks Like (Video)

Advocacy Group Demands Details of City of Winnipeg Water Deal

September 22, 2010 - CBC Manitoba The Council of Canadians has filed a complaint…

CropLife Canada Report Spells Out Case for Innovation

Manitoba Co-Operator - Staff - 9/22/2010 CropLife Canada (CLC) has published its case for the continued use of pesticides... Crop sprayer and pesticide container collection site. l.p. photos EDITOR'S NOTE: "CLC" calls its report, "We Stand for Sustainability ." The purest definition of that word came from the Bruntland Commission many years ago. " today in ways that do not undermine the ability of future generations to live." Once again, the chemical industry has bastardized the word to suit its own purposes...i.e. pour more and more of our products on your crops, just so you can stay even with last year! l.p.

Corporate Lobbying is Blocking Food Reforms, Senior UN Official Warns

Juliette Jowit, 22 September 2010 Farming summit told of delaying tactics by large agri-business and food producers on decisions that would improve human health and the environment (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty, File)

Torrential Rains Spawn An Epidemic of Vegetable Disease. Is Climate Change Already Taking a Toll on Prairie Food Supplies?

- by Larry Powell Roblin, Manitoba, CA Se.22 - '10. Record rainfall and a disastrously wet season have already ruined millions of hectares of grain crops on the Canadian prairies this year. A soggy, unharvested canola field in western Manitoba. PinP photo Now, another scourge, also related to excess moisture, has emerged. Gov't. of MB photos A disease identified as “late blight” has decimated backyard vegetable crops, notably potatoes and tomatoes in Manitoba. Widespread reports from vegetable gardeners tell of crops ruined by the blight, which is a highly-contagious pathogen. It can linger in the soil and even spread in the wind. My wife & I lost our entire tomato crop this summer. l.p. Mandy Lewick of Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) in Roblin, says wet weather, such as

Rethink Alberta (Video) UK version

Critics Slam “Sloppy Science” on GE Fish at FDA Hearings

Canadian Bioitechnology Action Network - Se 21 - '10 FDA overlooked evidence... Poster courtesy of Google Images.

Opening Farm Gates Will Dispel Nostalgia

By: Laura Rance - Wpg. Free Preee - 18/09/10 Farmers have for years tried to reach out… photos by l.p. To visit one farm which took part in the "Open Farm" project on Sunday, click here.

Bees Stung by 'Climate Change-Linked' Early Pollination

Ecologist - 7th Se 2010 Climate change may be causing… Bumblebee photo by l.p.

Air Travel Trends Mixed as Carbon Footprint Grows

Nausheen Khan and Kelsey Russell|Worldwatch Institute - Sep 16, 2010 In 2008, the latest year... A jet contrail crosses the Prairie sky. l.p. photo

Proposed Highway Threatens Greatest Wildlife Migration on Earth

Se 19 2010 Serengeti National Park's globally significant…

City Slickers and Country Folk Alike Take Part in "Open Farm" Day

Wagons West : One of the 35 farms in the province who agreed to host this event which took place on Sunday, Sept. 19th.   A visitor enjoys the horses at Wagons West.   "Wagon's West" is a secluded spot northeast of Roblin. Leroy and Debbie Wandler raise and sell saddle horses, offer hay rides, weiner roasts, fishing and hunting expeditions in summer, along with sleigh rides & snowmobiling in the winter. Open Farm Day was promoted as "an opportunity to learn more about farm products, see demonstrations, take walking tours and ask questions about farm life, buy local products direct from the farmer and enjoy some recreational activities with your family. Agritourism connects the public directly with farmers, ranchers and market gardeners for hands- on agriculture experiences and farm-fresh products." As Leroy watches (r.), Coltin and "

Night Light Pollution Affects Songbirds' Mating Life, Research Suggests

ScienceDaily (Sep. 18, 2010) — In today's... Northern Oriole l.p. photo

Researchers say They Could Dramatically Cut Cost of Solar Power

Sep. 14, 2010 - THE BELLINGHAM HERALD BELLINGHAM, Washington — A team of...

The Food Crisis is Not About a Shortage of Food

September 17, 2010 by Jim Goodman - The food… Grain stockpile by l.p.

Deformed Fish Found in Lake Downstream From Alberta Tarsands

Bob Weber The Canadian Press Se 17 '10 EDMONTON—The fish are hard to look at. This white fish is too red. Photo by: Ed Kaiser,

Arctic Warms, Sea Ice Shrinks, Extinction Risk Grows

Environment News Service SAN FRANCISCO, California, September 14, 2010 (ENS) - From foxes to... (photo by Flickr user Drew Avery)

Wyoming Fracking Rules Would Disclose Drilling Chemicals

by: Nicholas Kusnetz ProPublica - 15 September 2010 New rules going into.... (Photo: Ari Moore / Flickr)

Good Food Emerges as a Real Alternative to the Dominance of Corporate Agriculture

AlterNet / By Grace Lee Boggs - Oct. 13-2010 This good food evolution has…. l.p. photo

The Organic Sector Has Declared October 9th-16th Organic Week in Canada

Organic Food Council - Se. 15-'10 This event, which starts... Organic tomatoes. l.p. photo

Frost in Forecasts, Canola Swathing Pondered

Staff - Manitoba Co-Operator - 9/13/2010 Prairie canola growers are...

A Planet at War With Itself

John Vidal - - 14 September 2010 Poor sanitation, water…

BP Report on Oil Spill Disaster Met with Skepticism

10 September 2010 - by: Amanda Bransford | Inter Press Service New York - The report...

Food of Little Interest to Winnipeg Municipal Candidates

by Laura Rance - WPG Free Press A small group of Winnipeggers is trying to spice up this autumn's civic election campaign with an issue that is dear to us all, but seemingly bland fodder for duelling politicians. Food. The Winnipeg Food Policy Working Group has released an election toolkit designed to help the electorate engage municipal leaders on food policy, an issue they've tended to ignore or simply dismiss. For example, an effort by some Winnipeg residents to gain bylaw changes that would allow backyard poultry earlier this year was permanently put on hold. A request a few years ago for permission to grow vegetables on boulevards was written off as a potential law enforcement problem (people might steal potatoes). The Food Policy Working Group wants to get sustainable food permanently on the planning agenda at city hall by establishing an advisory body similar to what already exists in other major Canadian cities. Toronto was first to step up to the plate with its food po

Clean-Air Crusaders Suffer Setback in "The Battle in the Boreal"

by Larry Powell ROBLIN, MB Se 10-2010 Environmentalists and citizens battling to protect air quality in parts of the Swan valley of western Manitoba have suffered a setback. “Paths Less Travelled” has just learned, Manitoba’s Clean Environment Commission is recommending that Louisiana Pacific Canada Limited’s wood products plant near Minitonas, be allowed to continue to operate without the use of pollution control devices. For complete report, go to and click on "results," then "PDF." Opponents of LP’s application to keep those controls (known as regenerative thermal oxidizers) shut down permanently, have yet to comment on the recommendations, which were just made public today. Groups such as “Concerned Citizens of the Valley” had been strongly opposing the shutdown, claiming it would lead to sharply increased releases of toxic substances from the plant, into the air. Manitoba’s Minister of th

Invisible Disaster: Fall Migration Over the Gulf

By David Gessner - on earth - Au 25, 2010 It's not just...

Understanding the Health Effects of Climate Change

Gov't of Canada website Climate change is affecting... Sunset. l.p. photo

NASA Satellites Reveal Connection Between Mountain Pine Beetles and Wild Fires - But Not One You Might Expect!

by Jaymi Heimbuch, TreeHugger, San Francisco, California Mountain pine beetles…

Organic Strawberries Have Better Taste & Nutrition Than Conventional & Better For Soil Too: New Study

by Matthew McDermott, TreeHugger, New York, NY Se 3, '10 In the tug of…. Strawberries photo by l.p.

Alberta Premier Has a Bad Week Over the Tar Sands; *Poor Baby!

Climate Action News Sept 9th, 2010 It was a tough week for... Another *pornographic image from Alberta's tar sands. Courtesy of the Tarnished Earth Gallery. (*Editor's comments)

Death by M&M: The Problem with Food Dyes

by Sarah Parsons SUSTAINABLE FOOD June 30, 2010 Step away from…. EDITOR'S NOTE: A recent report on CBC television revealed that Health Canada is similarly nonchalant about food dyes here. SURPRISE! l.p.

Most New Farmland in Tropics Comes From Slashing Forests, Research Shows

ScienceDaily (Sep. 4, 2010) — Global agricultural...

Life vs. Productivity: "What Would You Live and Die to Protect?"

05 September 2010 - by: Dahr Jamail, t r u t h o u t If someone broke into...

After 20 Years of Protection, Spotted Owls Decline But Forests Remain

By Les Blumenthal | McClatchy Newspapers - Se 5 '10 WASHINGTON — Twenty years after...

Prairie Farmers on Lookout for Frost

Brent Harder - (Resource News International) - 9/2/2010 Wet conditions... A soggy canola field near Dropmore, in western MB. l.p. photo

$11 Million Verdict to Small, Family Farms Overrun by Corporate Agriculture’s Waste in Missouri

May 8, 2010 by Augie - wholefoodsusa Recently (March 4, 2010) a major class-action... KichiroSato photo Associated Press