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Cargill: the company feeding the world by helping destroy the planet

The graceful albatross - immortalized over the ages as a symbol of both good and ill - is under siege like never before.

Ivory Coast without ivory? Elephant populations decline rapidly in Côte d'Ivoire

Weather disasters in 2020 boosted by climate change: report

Manitoba's last wild river.

Fertilizer runoff in streams and rivers can have cascading effects, analysis shows

Agricultural expansion could cause widespread biodiversity declines by 2050

More proof. A walk-in-the-park really can boost our feelings of well-being - especially when there are wild birds to sing to us along the way! Researchers.

Tough Times for Animal Travellers

If we are to stabilize world food production, we not only need a wider variety of crops, but ones that are sown and harvested at different times, too.

Human-made materials outweigh living biomass

The Big Banks’ Green Bafflegab

Humanity is waging war on nature, says UN secretary general

New UN climate report is bleak, but there's a solution - trees.